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DINI Certificate 2010

Authors and editors enter into a publication agreement with the operating institution of vifabioDOC (see form below), without which publication is not possible. Important points in brief:

  • Authors/editors of a document archived on vifabioDOC ensure
    • that the publication infringes on the rights of no third parties,
    • that they are the sole copyright holders (a query to a previously-used publisher may be required),
    • that they have obtained permission from participating authors to publish their contributions, if necessary.
  • Authors/editors of a document archived on vifabioDOC are permitted to
    • additionally published the document elsewhere, if they are the copyright holders.
  • Users of a document archived on vifabioDOC are permitted to
    • copy the document to their computer,
    • print the document,
    • cite from the document, as long as the citation is scientifically correct.
    • If the author has chosen a Creative Commons license or another comparable license (such as GFDL - GNU Free Documentation License), the user is permitted to use the work in further ways. In these cases, license conditions will be detailled within the electronic document. If there are no details on special licenses within the electronic document, the usual copyright regulations will apply.
  • The University of Frankfurt (Main) Library, as the provider of documents archived on vifabioDOC, is permitted to
    • make the publication openly accessible in the University of Frankfurt (Main) Library’s data networks and web site.
    • provide the publication with additional bibliographic details/metadata
    • provide an electronic copy of the publication to the German National Library and other archival institutions for the purposes of long-term preservation,
    • adapt the document, only for purposes of long-term preservation; document content will not change.
  • Here you will find the form to download. Please send the completed form via post or fax to vifabioDOC.

A comprehensive overview of legal issues surrounding online publication (particularly in light of the 01/01/2008 copyright amendments) is available on the Open Access information platform.