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Overview: Information for authors and publishers

DINI Certificate 2010

vifabioDOC, vifabio’s subject repository, offers the following important information on electronic publishing for authors and publishers.

  • The "Collection policy" describes what kinds of publications are collected in vifabioDOC - from a content as well as technical view. It also includes how we ensure vifabioDOC’s scientific quality.
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  • "Copyright" contains details on legal conditions and also shows you, the copyright holder, how you keep control of what happens to your work with electronic publication on vifabioDOC.
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  • "Background information" details the importance of the University of Frankfurt (Main) Library as a special collections library and operator of vifabio. It gives reasons why vifabioDOC is the right partner for your electronic publishing.
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  • The list of "frequently asked questions (FAQ)" addresses the queries that we receive most often.
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If we have convinced you and you wish to publish with vifabioDOC, please contact us.

For approval of the quality and reputability of the service, vifabioDOC was awarded the DINI Certificate for Document and Publication Services (more info at DINI).