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Biology Publication Platform

DINI Certificate 2010

vifabioDOC is vifabio’s repository for electronic publications, maintained by the University of Frankfurt (Main) Library. vifabioDOC is an open access repository and provides free access to publications in biology.

vifabioDOC has two functions:

  1. Literature search
    The large number of free publications in vifabioDOC is an important resource for literature searches. The stored publications can be found in vifabio’s general search and also vifabioDOC’s own search (and through other search engines). You can start a search here:
  2. Self-publication
    vifabioDOC offers scientists worldwide the opportunity to make their publications from all areas of biology available electronically at no cost. Editors of serials and journals may also use vifabioDOC at no cost.

    Publishing with vifabioDOC brings you, the author or editor, several significant benefits. Your publications are ...

    • available on the Web shortly after submission   Info:
      Your publications can be easily discovered on and downloaded from the Internet by any interested parties. close
    • citable with a URN and available in the long term   Info:
      Publications on vifabioDOC are equivalent to conventional publications, permanently available via a URN (Uniform Resource Name) and therefore also citable. The University of Frankfurt Library guarantees the integrity and stability of the data; the URN-system overcomes the problem of changing web addresses. close
    • automatically indexed in many search engines and databases   Info:
      Your documents are catalogued in accordance with library standards; they are automatically loaded into other databases and library catalogues via standard interfaces. They are also indexed in web search engines and displayed in their results. close

    You can find out more details about electronic publishing on vifabioDOC at the following website. » more