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IYB 2010 - The whole variety

The internet sources collected in vifabio’s Internet Guide on the subject of biodiversity are collected here in a subject pool. We have arranged the internet sources into multiple areas, because there are so many. The following list contains websites that are foremost concerned with the broad protection of biodiversity. Pages with specific information on aspects of conservation are listed under:

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The whole variety
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ALTER-Net is a network of 24 partner institutes from 17 European countries. ALTER-Net integrates research capacities across Europe: assessing changes in biodiversity, analyzing the effect of those changes on ecosystem services and informing the public and policy makers about this at a European scale. Originally funded by the European Union’s Framework VI program to stimulate a collaborative approach, ALTER-Net is now operating independently. On this website you can find information about key issues ... [Information of the supplier]
Other institutions / organisationsResource type
ARKive is the Noah's Ark for the Internet era - a unique global initiative, gathering together into one centralised digital library, films, photographs and audio recordings of the world’s species. ARKive is leading the ‘virtual’ conservation effort - finding, sorting, cataloguing and copying the key audio-visual records of the world’s animals, plants and fungi, and building them into comprehensive and enduring multi-media digital profiles. Using film, photographs and audio recordings, ARKive is creating ... [Information of the supplier]
Factual databases; Picture databasesResource type
The Swedish Species Information Centre works with knowledge about biodiversity in Sweden. The main tasks are to collect, evaluate and store the most important information about threatened and rare plant and animal species. A basic part in this work is to assess degrees and types of threat and to prepare the national so called Red Lists and Red Data Books. Much the work is focused on information through publications, conferences etc. The unit also suggests management plans and initiate research. [Information of the supplier]
Discipline based websitesResource type
Worldwide, thousands of animal and plant species are threatened with extinction. Even in Switzerland more than 3000 animals and plants appear in the so-called Red List of threatened species. Without appropriate protection measures many of these species may soon vanish forever. This website serves to demonstrate the dramatic situation of species threat, and to present the threatened species. At the same time, the political responsibilities are stressed ─ both of the Republic, the Cantons, and the ... [Information of the supplier, translated]
Non-governmental organisationsResource type
Diese privat betriebene Seite stellt umfangreiche Information zum Thema Artensterben zur Verfügung. Es geht dabei um Ursachen des Aussterbens, sowie bedrohte Pflanzen- und Tierarten. Eine Rubrik widmet sich aber auch heutzutage neu entdeckten Tieren. Zudem gibt es Statistiken über bedrohte Tiere, Neueinbürgerungen von Tieren in neue Regionen und aktuelle Bestandszahlen weltweit. [Editorial staff vifabio]
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The Atlas of Living Australia is a five-year project funded under the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). Its mission is to develop a biodiversity data management system which will link Australia’s biological knowledge with its scientific and agricultural reference collections and other custodians of biological information. This system should be: (*) Authoritative - guiding users to the most relevant data resources and well-researched information ... [Information of the supplier]
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Biodiverse is a tool for the spatial analysis of diversity using indices based on taxonomic, phylogenetic and matrix-based (e.g. genetic distance) relationships, as well as related environmental and temporal variations. Biodiverse supports four processes: 1. linked visualisation of data distributions in geographic, taxonomic, phylogenetic and matrix spaces; 2. spatial moving window analyses including richness, endemism, phylogenetic diversity and beta diversity; 3. spatially constrained agglomerative ... [Information of the supplier]
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Die Generalversammlung der UNO hat 2010 zum Internationalen Jahr der Biodiversität erklärt. Dies ist Gelegenheit zu fragen: Inwiefern ist es uns bisher gelungen, Biodiversität zu bewahren? Wo liegen für die Biodiversität die Herausforderungen der Zukunft? Wo ist unser Handeln nötig? Möchten Sie bereits heute etwas für die Biodiversität tun? Biodiversität ist überall. Ob beim Einkaufen, zu Hause oder unterwegs, unser Handeln hat Folgen für die Biodiversität. ist die offizielle ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
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Switzerland is one of the first countries in the world to monitor its biological diversity. The Federal Office for the environment (FOEN) has launched a programme for this purpose called Biodiversity Monitoring in Switzerland (BDM). In conjunction with the BDM programme, experts contracted by the Federal Government will regularly count animals and plants in numerous predetermined areas in the field. Whereas numerical qualitative objectives are accepted in most areas of environmental protection (emissions ... [Information of the supplier]
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Ten major natural history museum libraries, botanical libraries, and research institutions have joined to form the Biodiversity Heritage Library Project. The group is developing a strategy and operational plan to digitize the published literature of biodiversity held in their respective collections. This literature will be available through a global “biodiversity commons.” As of November 2008, the 10 member libraries of the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) members have over 10 million pages of ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
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