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Internet Guide: Resource type

Resource type characterises the type of website, whether it is an institutional website, a database, a thematic website or a mailing list. A website can be related to several resource types. The register of the 25 resource types:

  • Institutions, organisations
    • Biological Institutes at Universities
    • Additional colleges and research institutes
    • Libraries and archives
    • Museums and Collections
    • Botanical and Zoological Gardens
    • Academic societies, professional associations, working groups
    • Official corporations and organisations
    • Non-governmental organisations
    • Other institutions / organisations

  • Databases and works of reference
    • Textbooks / Online-textbooks
    • Discipline based dictionaries and encyclopaedias
    • Directories of institutions and organisations
    • Literature databases
    • Factual databases
    • Picture databases
    • Identification keys
    • Access on historical literature
    • Discipline based portals and link collections
    • Other reference works

  • Other internet resources
    • Personal websites / biographies
    • Research projects
    • Discipline based websites
    • Conferences and Congresses (current)
    • Conferences and Congresses (archive)
    • Newsletter, mailing lists, forums, blogs