SER 2019 : 8th World Conference on Ecological Restoration
Titel: SER 2019 : 8th World Conference on Ecological Restoration
Titel Kurzform: SER2019
Identifier: https://www.ser.org/page/SER2019
Veranstaltungsort: Cape Town
Anfangsdatum: 22.09.2019
Enddatum: 27.09.2019
Autor: (SER) = Society for Ecological Restoration
Zusammenfassung: We proudly invite you to Cape Town for the 8th World Conference on Ecological Restoration from 22-27 September 2019, jointly hosted by the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) and the South African Water Research Commission. The conference theme for SER2019 is Restoring Land, Water & Community Resilience. Inspired in part by the South African experience with Working for Water and related initiatives, the theme is intended to help keep discussion about developments in restoration research, practice, and policy focused on the big picture. Conference sessions will be organized around a number of regionally and globally important sub-themes, and will include symposia, workshops, and open sessions, as well as plenary sessions and a dedicated poster session. One of the principal sub-themes of the program will focus on how ecological restoration can help improve water supply and water security – not only in a severely drought-impacted region like the Western Cape, but in ecosystems and landscapes all over the world as climate change and degradation increasingly threaten water resources. [Information of the supplier]
Thema: Ökologie (577);
Erhaltung und Schutz (333.72)
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