EMBO | EMBL Symposia: DNA Replication: From Basic Biology to Disease
Titel: EMBO | EMBL Symposia: DNA Replication: From Basic Biology to Disease
Identifier: https://www.embo-embl-symposia.org/symposia/2018/EES18-02/index.html
Veranstaltungsort: Heidelberg
Anfangsdatum: 07.05.2018
Enddatum: 10.05.2018
Autor: Boesselmann, Inna [Organizer]
Zusammenfassung: There has been tremendous progress in the past few years regarding our understanding of DNA replication in eukaryotes, both yeast and mammals. Many important questions in the field are poised to be answered within the next decade. These include understanding DNA replication at the biochemical and three-dimensional protein structure levels. In addition, studies using high throughput technologies at the cellular and organismal levels are poised to answer how accurate replication of the genome is ensured by controlling origin firing in space and time. Several human diseases, including cancer, have already been linked to DNA replication stress, a term that refers to perturbations in DNA replication. Therefore, a better understanding of how cells respond to this will help us understand disease development and responses to therapy. By bringing together experts in the basic biology of DNA replication and DNA replication stress, this symposium aims to fuel further progress in these important fields. [Information of the supplier]
Thema: Biochemische Genetik (572.8);
DNS (Desoxyribonukleinsäure) (572.86)
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