Cell Symposia: Multifaceted Mitochondria
Titel: Cell Symposia: Multifaceted Mitochondria
Identifier: http://www.cell-symposia.com/mitochondria-2018/default.asp
Veranstaltungsort: San Diego
Anfangsdatum: 04.06.2018
Enddatum: 06.06.2018
Autor: Haigis, Marcia [Organizer]; et al.
Zusammenfassung: Our view of mitochondria is rapidly transforming. Recent advances in animal models, systems-based approaches, and imaging techniques have revealed that mitochondria have diverse functions beyond bioenergetics and biosynthesis. Their functions are linked to their surprisingly dynamic behavior, as mitochondria adapt and respond to a plethora of cellular and tissue-specific organismal needs. Given that mitochondrial dysfunction is associated with metabolic disorders, cancer, and neurodegeneration, there is an urgent need to understand how mitochondrial events are orchestrated and integrated within the cell and organism. This Cell Symposium aims to bring together leading researchers who study mitochondrial function, regulation and mechanism to build a complete picture of mitochondria as a platform to integrate signaling pathways and cellular processes in physiology and disease. [Information of the supplier]
Thema: Zellbiologie (571.6)
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