ICOM 10 : 10th International Conference on Mycorrhiza
Titel: ICOM 10 : 10th International Conference on Mycorrhiza
Titel Kurzform: ICOM 10
Identifier: https://mycorrhizas.org/icom-10-selected-mexico/
Veranstaltungsort: Merida
Anfangsdatum: 30.11.2018
Enddatum: 30.11.2018
Autor: IMS = International Mycorrhiza Society
Zusammenfassung: The challenge of a sustainable world requires, besides knowledge, creativity and a holistic perspective to realize the conservation and best possible use of natural resources. We mycorrhizologists ought to take up this challenge and contribute to the preservation and careful management of resources, generating knowledge that is not only novel but also connected to the goals of sustainability and human well-being. In ICOM 10 we wish to encourage innovation in order to generate basic and applied knowledge in a different way, a way committed to sustainable development. This is why we are inviting you all to Mexico, to Merida, in the heart of ancestral Mayan culture, a culture with an astounding development of abstract knowledge and knowledge of nature. [Information of the supplier]
Thema: Synökologie und Populationsbiologie (577.8)
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Geographischer Bezug: Mittelamerika, Mexiko
Zielgruppe: Experten
Sprache: Englisch
Format: Website
Ressourcentyp: Tagungen, Konferenzen, Kongresse (Archiv)
Zugang: frei
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