12th Annual Meeting of the Ethological Society - "From Sensory Perception to Behaviour"
Titel: 12th Annual Meeting of the Ethological Society - "From Sensory Perception to Behaviour"
Titel Kurzform: 12th Annual Meeting of the Ethological Society
Titel alternativ: Etho2017
Identifier: http://www.etho2017.de/
Veranstaltungsort: Bonn
Anfangsdatum: 22.02.2017
Enddatum: 24.02.2017
Autor: von der Emde, Gerhard [member of organizing committee]; et al.
Zusammenfassung: The next topical meeting of the Ethological Society will take at the University of Bonn from February 22nd to 24th of February 2017. The topic of 2017 “From Sensory Perception to Behaviour” covers the key processes that connect the environment to the individual and the individual back to the environment. Behaviour needs sensory perception and information processing and in turn, feeds back on these processes. Complex social behaviours of animals are striking examples for this interaction, when the behaviour of one animal constitutes the sensory input of another one. Researchers often focus on one of these complementary aspects, but all behavioural biologists are basically working on a core aspect of animal life: complex interactions with the environment. For this meeting, we have invited five international renowned keynote speakers, who will highlight this interrelationship of the senses and behaviour, which affects both the life of the individual as well as the evolution of behaviour and sensory systems. The meeting will take place at the Institute of Zoology in Bonn, located in the Poppelsdorfer Schloss and surrounded by the botanical garden. It will provide a stimulating environment for scientific and social interactions. Alongside the talks of the plenary speakers, plenty of time is reserved for short talks, which as usual can cover all facets of the behavioural sciences. We encourage especially young researchers to take the opportunity to discuss their work with us and to apply for an oral contribution. [Information of the supplier]
Thema: Verhalten (591.5)
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