XXI AETFAT Congress 2017
Titel: XXI AETFAT Congress 2017
Titel alternativ: XXIème Congrès de l'AETFAT 2017; AETFAT 2017 - Systematics, biogeography and conservation of African plants and fungi
Identifier: http://www.aetfat2017.museums.or.ke/
Veranstaltungsort: Nairobi
Anfangsdatum: 15.05.2017
Enddatum: 19.05.2017
Veröffentlicht durch: AETFAT = Association pour l’Etude Taxonomique de la Flore d’Afrique Tropicale
Zusammenfassung: The XXI AETFAT will be co-hosted by the National Museums of Kenya and University of Nairobi from 15th to 19th May 2017. Public institutions, non-governmental bodies and corporates are invited to participate in this rare and exciting congress. We shall have plenary sessions by distinguished botanists, specialized symposia and excursions to botanically interesting sites in the vicinity of Nairobi. Optional pre- and post-congress guided tours to various parts of Kenya, including the Taita hills and coastal forests, snow-capped world heritage site of Mt Kenya, tropical lowland rainforests of Kakamega, and the Great Rift Valley regions with amazing lakes shall be organized. [Information of the supplier]
Thema: Behandlung von Pflanzen nach einzelnen Kontinenten, Ländern, Ortschaften (581.9)
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Geographischer Bezug: Afrika
Zielgruppe: Experten
Sprache: Englisch
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