11th International Congress of Plant Pathology
Titel: 11th International Congress of Plant Pathology
Identifier: http://www.icpp2018.org/
Veranstaltungsort: Boston
Anfangsdatum: 29.07.2018
Enddatum: 03.08.2018
Autor: APS = American Phytopathological Society
Zusammenfassung: In 2018, International Society for Plant Pathology will celebrate its 50th anniversary and will hold its 11th Congress in historic Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America July 29 through August 3. ISPP promotes the worldwide development of plant pathology, and the dissemination of knowledge about plant diseases and plant health management. The society sponsors the International Congress of Plant Pathology (ICPP) at regular intervals. ISPP and APS look forward to welcoming you to Boston in 2018 and celebrating its 50th anniversary! Boston is the perfect city to host ISPP and the 11th ICPP, as America’s beginnings sprouted from this city! The history of plant pathology in the U.S., as throughout the world, is the story of agriculture. Cultivation in the Americas started with over 60 million Native Americans making use of the bounty of the land and practicing agriculture and farming for at least 10,000 years. America’s agricultural story is the world’s story as well – it’s a story of immigrants traveling to new lands, incorporating new people, new crops, and new diseases. It’s the story of people coming together to discover solutions to society’s most pressing issues. The ICPP 2018, organized by the American Phytopathological Society (APS), will be a global summit of leading scientists focused on the sustainable production and protection of plants. The theme of the meeting will be, “Plant Health in A Global Economy,” and presentations will cover the full range of research topics from genomics to epidemiology, which affect plant health at a local and global scale. [Information of the supplier]
Thema: Schäden, Krankheiten, Schädlinge an Pflanzen (632)
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