NAD+ Metabolism and Signaling
Titel: NAD+ Metabolism and Signaling
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Anfangsdatum: 09.08.2015
Enddatum: 14.08.2015
Autor: Guse, Andreas H.; et al.
Zusammenfassung: Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is more and more acknowledged as one of the central small molecules that connects cellular metabolism with signaling mechanisms, biological regulation and human disease. This is an outstanding scientific conference covering the diverse roles of NAD and its derivatives in metabolism and cellular signaling. Six sessions are devoted to NAD-dependent enzymes and their roles in metabolism and physiology, in regulating chromatin and transcription, in genome integrity, and in cancer and other diseases. Signaling mechanisms involving NAD-derived second messengers as well as poly- and mono-ADP-ribosylation combined with chemical biology of NAD will complete the program. A main aspect of this conference will be to foster exchange of information and technology between researchers working on the biochemical, molecular, genetic and cell biological aspects of NAD and related molecules. Moreover, the conference will provide a unique venue for those researchers worldwide who are interested in the basic and translational aspects of NAD metabolism and signaling. [Information of the supplier]
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