Mechanisms in Plant Development
Titel: Mechanisms in Plant Development
Identifier: http://www.faseb.org/SRC-Plant/Home.aspx
Veranstaltungsort: Saxtons River
Anfangsdatum: 02.08.2015
Enddatum: 07.08.2015
Autor: FASEB = Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology <Bethesda, Md.>
Zusammenfassung: This SRC conference is an important and unique scientific meeting where the intersections of plant development, signaling, modeling and genomics are explored through talks, poster sessions, and intensive scientific discussion. Outstanding researchers from around the world presenting cutting edge research directed towards a fundamental understanding of how different aspects of plant growth and development are controlled in response to intrinsic and external signals, and how such mechanisms are modified over evolutionary time. Plant growth and development are at the core of agricultural productivity, and are essential for human survival. The spirit of the meeting is that understanding fundamental biology is the surest way to advance practical gains in agriculture. In addition, plant biology has pioneered new insights into many fields over the last century, including genetics, developmental biology, epigenetics and genomics. This conference, which has been held every 2-3 years for the past twenty-five years, is the only regular international meeting devoted entirely to plant developmental biology. The interactions between established scientists and young investigators entering in this field are facilitated by special sessions that maximize interactions between the two groups. Its small size and secluded location make it a fantastic opportunity for discussion of new ideas and emerging concepts in the exciting and rapidly moving field of plant development. [Information of the supplier]
Thema: Fortpflanzung, Entwicklung, Wachstum der Pflanzen und Mikroorganismen (571.82);
Biochemische Genetik der Pflanzen und Mikroorganismen (572.82)
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