EFS13 - 13th European Fusarium Seminar - 2015
Titel: EFS13 - 13th European Fusarium Seminar - 2015
Identifier: http://efs13.mycored.eu/
Veranstaltungsort: Martina Franca
Anfangsdatum: 10.05.2015
Enddatum: 14.05.2015
Autor: Moretti, Antonio [Chair]; Logrieco, Antonio [Chair]
Zusammenfassung: The genus Fusarium comprises many plant-pathogenic species, causing diseases in most agriculturally important crops, and also can be harmful for humans and animals since many of species produce biologically active secondary metabolites (e.g., phytotoxins and mycotoxins) with an extraordinary chemical diversity. The economic importance of Fusarium species is high, due to both their impact on crop yields and the accumulation of mycotoxins in the colonized crops, which can make food commodities unacceptable for marketing or consumption. Research on Fusarium, carried out globally, concentrates the efforts of thousands of scientists and experts of different fields: mycology, plant pathology, genetics, agronomy, ecology, chemistry, biochemistry, and toxicology. There is a need to integrate different disciplines to provide solutions to the problems caused by Fusarium species that still, in spite of the enormous efforts of the scientific community, are far from solved. Effect of climatic changes on Fusarium and his host interactions, new active biological control agents, detection, genetic diversity in crops, development of new resistance to fungicides, changes in Fusarium populations, the need to reduce Fusarium mycotoxins in food and feed and ensure a plentiful, safe food supply: all are examples of challenges for those of us dealing with these complicated fungi. Scientists, breeders, industry representatives, and policy makers who are engaged in the issues related to Fusarium and the reduction of mycotoxin levels are invited to EFS13. This important Fusarium Seminar will provide a vital forum for European and International colleagues to appreciate the current state of the art in Fusarium research during oral presentation sessions led by prominent specialists in their field. The meeting will also provide an essential opportunity for discussion of solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. [Information of the supplier]
Thema: Fungi (Pilze), Eumycophyta (Echte Pilze) (579.5)
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