VIIIth Symposium of Baltic Coleopterologists
Titel: VIIIth Symposium of Baltic Coleopterologists
Identifier: http://8sbc.sggw.pl/
Veranstaltungsort: Kiry – Tatra National Park
Anfangsdatum: 10.06.2014
Enddatum: 12.06.2014
Autor: Skłodowski, Jarosław [member of Organization Committee]; et al.
Veröffentlicht durch: Warsaw University of Life Sciences
Zusammenfassung: The topic of the symposium is "Coleoptera as tool for monitoring of the environment". Nowadays, also due to human activity, we are confronted with rapidly changing environments. In many cases these changes constitute challenging task, which require counteracting management measures. To identify the threads and dangers in time, early-warning systems are necessary. When having implemented the respective management measure, success control is required. For both early warning and success control we need reliable tools for monitoring of the environment. Beetles contribute to our fauna as the largest group of animals, which – except for the salt waters – settled on almost every type of ecosystem. Beetles react sensitive on changes in the environment, for many species the ecological needs are well known and understood. Thus, they have been often included in monitoring programs. However, there are still open questions with respect to methodical aspects and indicatory power of implemented monitoring systems. The symposium aims to highlight the importance of beetles as elements of monitoring programs, to deepen our knowledge, and to pinpoint future challenges and possibilities. [Information of the supplier]
Thema: Lepidoptera (Schmetterlinge) (595.78)
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