Biodiversity Informatics Horizons 2013
Titel: Biodiversity Informatics Horizons 2013
Titel Kurzform: BIH2013
Identifier: http://conference.lifewatch.unisalento.it/index.php/EBIC/BIH2013
Veranstaltungsort: Rome
Anfangsdatum: 03.09.2013
Enddatum: 06.09.2013
Autor: Hardisty, Alex [Conference Manager]; Roberts, Dave [Conference Manager]; Basset, Alberto [Conference Manager]
Zusammenfassung: Biodiversity Informatics Horizons 2013 (BIH2013) is part of a continuing process that helps to structure and organise the biodiversity informatics community at the European level and beyond. BIH2013 will take place over 3 full days, from lunchtime on Tuesday 3rd September to lunchtime Friday 6th. The venue will be in Rome (awaiting final confirmation). There have been many successful projects in biodiversity informatics, both at national and supranational level. In Europe this trend has grown under Framework Programmes 5, 6 and 7 and is expected to continue in Horizon 2020. Similar activities have occurred outside Europe, and efforts in biodiversity informatics are increasingly internationally coordinated on the global stage. To respond to the challenges and priorities of the next decade in biodiversity and ecosystems research, structuring bottom-up and top-down interactions on informatics and cooperating across the community is now an essential activity. Cooperation avoids unnecessary duplication of activity. It helps to maximise and focus effort on building the information resources, tools and infrastructure the scientists and policymakers need. We all know the importance of this as we face environmental, societal and human health challenges on global scale. Science in support of policy to mitigate biodiversity loss due to climate and other man-made changes, to assure food security, and to combat invasive species (to give just a few examples) can only be achieved by full integration of the biodiversity research community through a commonly-shared, sustainable e-infrastructure across all sub-disciplines that reliably serves science and society alike. Hence, the need to coordinate. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Thema: Unterstützende Techniken und Verfahren/Geräte, Ausstattung, Verfahren/Mikroskopie (570.28);
Historische, geografische, personenbezogene Behandlung (578.09)
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