International Conference on Computational Cell Biology
Titel: International Conference on Computational Cell Biology
Titel alternativ: Computational Cell Biology - From the Past to the Future
Identifier: http://www.cpe.vt.edu/ccb/
Veranstaltungsort: Blacksburg
Anfangsdatum: 14.08.2013
Enddatum: 16.08.2013
Veröffentlicht durch: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University / Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
Zusammenfassung: Cell biology is currently undergoing an historic transition from a qualitative to a quantitative science. For the past two decades, computational modeling has played a pivotal role in this transition, and now, interdisciplinary collaborations combining both in silico and in vivo components are the gold standard for cellular research. However, barriers separating the conventional disciplines continue to hinder successful implementation of this powerful hybrid approach, leaving a myriad of complex biological phenomena virtually impenetrable. To this end, we are providing a conference that will serve as a platform for the exchanging of ideas and synthesis of collaborations between experimentalists and theoreticians from a broad spectrum of disciplines and career stages. [Information of the supplier]
Thema: Zellbiologie (571.6)
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Geographischer Bezug: USA (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
Zielgruppe: Experten
Sprache: Englisch
Format: Website
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