19th International Congress of Arachnology (ICA 2013)
Titel: 19th International Congress of Arachnology (ICA 2013)
Titel Kurzform: ICA 2013
Identifier: http://araneae.thu.edu.tw/ica2013/
Veranstaltungsort: Kenting National Park
Anfangsdatum: 23.06.2013
Enddatum: 28.06.2013
Autor: Tso, I-Min <Präsident>; et al.
Zusammenfassung: Taiwan, the island called Formosa, or the beautiful island, lies on the Tropic of Cancer (N 23 degree) in SE Asia, which divides the island into tropical and subtropical climate. The island also lies on a complex tectonic area. The collision of Eurasian plate and Philippines plate raised five ranges with more than a hundred peaks higher than 3000 meters on this island. In 3 hours, you can drive from the sea level to higher than 3000 meters. In 2 hours, you can drive from subtropics to the northern boundary of the SE Asian tropics. The complexity of the landscape houses high biodiversity, including diverse arachnids. The appreciation of the biodiversity on this island could not be exaggerated. Similarly, there is also much cultural diversity on the island. Because of the immigration history of the past several hundred years, people from different places of the world have visited and lived on the island. The mixture of different cultures, including Oceanic, Chinese, European, Japanese, American, and SE Asian cultures, make Taiwan a foreigner friendly place. We hope you enjoy your stay in Taiwan and enjoy your fieldtrips in Kenting National Park. [Information of the supplier]
Thema: Chelicerata (Fühlerlose) Arachnida (Spinnentiere) (595.4)
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Geographischer Bezug: China und benachbarte Gebiete
Zielgruppe: Experten
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