Mollusk Bibliography Database
Titel: Mollusk Bibliography Database
Identifier: http://ellipse.inhs.uiuc.edu:591/mollusk/
Autor: Cummings, Kevin; et al.
Veröffentlicht durch: Illinois Natural History Survey
Zusammenfassung: The initial goal of the bibliography was to attempt to build a database of every published reference on freshwater mussels in North America. The project has grown to include freshwater mussels worldwide, gastropods, sphaeriids, corbiculids, and dreissenids. However, the references entered for those groups are far less comprehensive, particularly with respect to the literature pre-1980. All NABS bibliographies on freshwater mollusks since 1987 are included. The types of publications covered include: journals, books and book chapters, theses and dissertations, popular articles, and gray literature (government documents, consulting reports, etc.). Abstracts from symposia or conference proceedings have also been entered but are not exhaustive. This freshwater mollusk bibliography database is a collaborative effort by Kevin Cummings, Illinois Natural History Survey, Art Bogan, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Tom Watters, The Ohio State University Museum of Biological Diversity, and Christine Mayer, Illinois Natural History Survey. To date the bibliography database includes over 11,000 references on freshwater mollusks [as of Nov. 2003]. [Information of the supplier]
Die Datenbank enthält Literatur: bibliographische Daten. Sie ist kostenfrei verfügbar.
Thema: Mollusca (Weichtiere) und Tentaculata (Kranzfühler) (594);
Bibliografien (010)
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