Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft : Sektionstagung Biodiversität & Evolutionsbiologie 2023
Titel: Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft : Sektionstagung Biodiversität & Evolutionsbiologie 2023
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Anfangsdatum: 23.08.2023
Enddatum: 26.08.2023
Zusammenfassung: It is a great pleasure to welcome many of you to our international section meeting this August 23rd – 26th 2023 at the Justus-Liebig University (JLU) of Giessen. Known for its long tradition in basic and applied plant research (the botanical garden was founded in 1609 and is the oldest garden in Germany still located at its place of foundation), the JLU Giessen is one of the traditional universities in Germany in which still today the full spectrum of botanical science, including Systematics, EvoDevo, Plant Ecology and Physiology, Plant breeding, Plant pathology is an active part of the JLU´ portfolio. "Plant evolution in a changing world" is the topic of our meeting and participants will have ample room and possibilities to meet their colleagues to discuss the broad spectrum of plant evolution, techniques and concepts, theories and prospects of applied and basic research. Nevertheless, there will be time for social interaction and extensive networking opportunities for graduate students, postdocs, established scientists, and others. The annual meeting of the Section Biodiversity & Evolutionary Biology of DBG will bring our members together. Field excursions on Saturday 26th September will provide you with the opportunity to expand your floristic knowledge in the area of Giessen. [Information des Anbieters]
Thema: Evolution der Pflanzen (581.38)
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