BOU2022 : Avian reproduction *Virtuell*
Titel: BOU2022 : Avian reproduction *Virtuell*
Titel Kurzform: BOU2022
Identifier: https://bou.org.uk/event/avian-reproduction-bou2022/
Veranstaltungsort: Nottingham
Anfangsdatum: 12.04.2022
Enddatum: 14.04.2022
Autor: BOU = British Ornithologists' Union
Zusammenfassung: Due to the ongoing pandemic and the uncertainty that event organisers have to work with, we have decided to switch this conference to a virtual event on the same dates, 12 – 14 April. The programme linked to below is for guidance only, as we will rearrange the session acrosss the three days and re-post a new programme in due course. We hope to open registration for the Zoom event in early February. [Information of the supplier]
Thema: Aves (Vögel) (598)
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