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The project „100 fields for biodiversity“ aims at establishing a nationwide conservation field network for wild arable plant species. Through this project, which is financially supported by the Deutsche Bundestiftung Umwelt (DBU,, there is a realistic chance of countering the ongoing loss of species by implementing a network of conservation fields. The conservation of typical arable plant communities such as Caucalido-Adonidetum flammeae, Teesdalio-Arnoseridetum and Papaveretum argemones ... [Information of the supplier]
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Die Community versteht sich als Open-Source Projekt im Bildungsbereich. Open-Source bedeutet in diesem Zusammenhang, dass eine Plattform im Internet zur Verfügung gestellt wird, die zum Austausch von Inhalten aus dem Bildungsbereich beiträgt und von ihren Nutzern permanent erweitert wird. Die kostenlose Mitgliedschaft in der Community eröffnet dem Nutzer ein ganze Reihe von Möglichkeiten, die im Gast-Modus nicht zur Verfügung stehen (Materialtausch, Material kommentieren, Forenbeiträge, ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
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The aim of the African Blackwood Conservation Project (ABCP) is to help replenish this valuable tree in Tanzania. Most people will not have knowingly seen blackwood but almost everyone will have heard it, for it is the premier wood of choice for fine concert-quality woodwind instruments such as clarinets, oboes and flutes, as well as being used in the manufacture of bagpipes. Blackwood is also the finest material available today for producing ornamental turning. In its African homeland, it is used ... [Information of the supplier]
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This German-language web site is the school and children’s page of Save the Rain Forest, a charitable, environmental organisation. It is an appeal to think about the protection of the rain forest in school and in free time, and offers various tips as well as general information about rain forest clearance. In addition, there are other offers suitable for children such as a rain forest quiz, online puzzles, and rain forest pod casts (audio) to download. [Editorial staff vifabio]
Discipline based websitesResource type was created to fill a niche on the internet. It seemed to the author a shame that a gentleman who has had such a profound influence on humanity like Charles Darwin did not have a website devoted exclusively to him. While there are a few excellent websites that touch on few aspects of Darwin’s life, none of them really get into the details of who Charles Darwin actually was, deep down on a personal level. It is the primary focus of the website to provide as much detail of the life ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
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Launched in 1993, Access Excellence is a national educational program that provides high school health and biology teachers access to their colleagues, scientists, and critical sources of new scientific information via the World Wide Web. In 1999, Access Excellence was donated to the National Health Museum by Genentech, a leading biotechnology company. Access Excellence currently forms the core of the educational component of the National Health Museum Website and will be expanded substantially to ... [Information of the supplier]
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Achromatopsie ist eine autosomal-rezessiv vererbte, sehr seltene Erkrankung, die zum Ausfalls des Farbsehens und zu weiteren Beeinträchtigungen führt. Auf der Website der Achromatopsie Selbsthilfe wird neben dem normalen Ablauf des Sehvorgangs und der ausführlichen Erläuterung der dabei stattfindenden Vorgänge im molekularen und zellulären Bereich auch die Vererbung verschiedener Störungen erklärt. [Editorial staff vifabio]
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The aim of this site is the discovery of locusts of West Africa, with the aim to provide maximum information. The topic is extensive and the ideas of the categories are numerous. We hope that we can develop as much as possible over time. If you would like to share your knowledge with us or have any topics you would like to see addressed, please do not hesitate to contact us. [Information of the supplier, translated]
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This website will serve as a gateway for information regarding African amphibian species, where participants will write and edit species pages, upload images, and maintain bibliographic resources. The goal of this project is to develop an authoritative, community-driven resource for information on African amphibians. We expect this to be a key resource for both the public and experts in the field, including those who may not have access to original descriptions, taxonomic changes, and updates of ... [Information of the supplier]
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Africhthy is a web portal and information management system for African ichthyology created to allow efficient networking and collaboration among taxonomists, conservationists, fisheries managers, aquaculturists, aquarists, and students and faculty at African universities. Africhthy makes available an up-to-date taxonomy of African fishes, expert identification keys, species descriptions and images, an archive for the voluminous “gray literature” on African ichthyology, forums, newsletters for societies ... [Information of the supplier]
Discipline based websitesResource type
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