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Hits 1 - 10 of 47 was created to fill a niche on the internet. It seemed to the author a shame that a gentleman who has had such a profound influence on humanity like Charles Darwin did not have a website devoted exclusively to him. While there are a few excellent websites that touch on few aspects of Darwin’s life, none of them really get into the details of who Charles Darwin actually was, deep down on a personal level. It is the primary focus of the website to provide as much detail of the life ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
Personal websites / biographies; Discipline based websitesResource type Alexander von Humboldt Informationen online. is an online information platform about worldwide activities regarding Humboldt. It is also the succeeding project of Alexander von Humboldt im Netz (, which has been collecting and commenting information and marterials about the life and achievements of Alexander von Humboldt since 1999. Humboldt Informationen online. wants to be an introduction to this great scientist and erudite, present worldwide ... [Information of the supplier]
Access on historical literature; Personal websites / biographiesResource type
The Naturhistorische Museum - Natural History Museum - was set up again after the devastating fire of 1865 by the Admont Benedictine Father Gabriel Strobl in the years 1866 to 1910. In his scientific activity Father Gabriel Strobl built up a huge insect collection with roughly 252,000 specimens, with the collection of about 80,000 flies being one of the three most important in Europe. Through his own collecting, exchange, buying and in the form of gifts Father Gabriel Strobl acquired over 44 years ... [Information of the supplier, translated]
Museums and Collections; Personal websites / biographies; Discipline based websitesResource type
About one hundred important scientists are shown on this website, each with a picture, a short text, and career information; their main activities are often listed. A chronology and links to other biographical pages are also offered. [Editorial staff vifabio]
Personal websites / biographiesResource type
Der vorliegende Briefwechsel zwischen Alexander von Humboldt und Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg, bestehend aus ca. 300 Briefen, die Mehrzahl davon von Humboldts Hand, ist ein wichtiger Mosaikstein zum Bild der Wissenschaftsgeschichte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Ehrenberg, in seiner Zeit ein berühmter und gefeierter Mikropaläontologe, war ein geschätzter Kollege Humboldts, nicht nur in seiner Funktion als Sekretar der mathematisch-physikalischen Klasse der Königlich-Preußischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, ... [Information of the supplier]
Personal websites / biographies; Discipline based websitesResource type
This is the website of Dr Trevor J Hawkeswood, biologist & author of scientific papers, books & other publications on Australian, New Guinean & other overseas plants and animals. Main areas of research include the following: plant taxonomy and ecology, especially of endangered species, insect plant relationships, especially those dealing with beetles (Coleoptera), beetle taxonomy and ecology of jewel beetles (Buprestidae), longicorn beetles (Cerambycidae) and leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae). The aim ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
Personal websites / biographiesResource type
This website contains information about Charles Darwin, his evolutionist grandfather Erasmus Darwin, and the many (often not so well remembered) scientists, clergymen, atheists, philosophers, and natural historians who espoused evolutionary ideas in the century leading up to the publication of On the Origin of Species. Importantly, this site will serve as the central locus for links to the many articles and books written on evolution in the period between 1748 and 1859. [Information of the supplier]
Personal websites / biographies; Discipline based websitesResource type
This website celebrates the life, work and impact of Charles Darwin. There are lots of articles about who Darwin was, what he did and why he matters. You can also read about modern case studies which showcase some of the evidence supporting Darwin's theories. Use the menu to the right to explore. This website has been put together by students from Christ's College, Cambridge - where Darwin studied. [Information of the supplier]
Personal websites / biographies; Discipline based websitesResource type
Charles Darwin’s Library is a digital edition and virtual reconstruction of the surviving books owned by Charles Darwin. In 1908, Charles Darwin’s son Francis transferred what he called the ‘Darwin Library’ to the Botany School at Cambridge University under the care and control of the Professor of Botany, A. C. Seward. As Francis put it, "The library of Charles Darwin has now found a permanent home in his University..." Of course the library of Charles Darwin is more than the collection of the works ... [Information of the supplier]
Access on historical literature; Personal websites / biographiesResource type
Charles Valentine Riley pioneered the field of entomology in the United States. The Charles Valentine Riley Collection, part of the National Agricultural Library's (NAL) Special Collections, illustrates Riley's vision to enhance the success of agriculture through new scientific knowledge. The collection of papers and significant artifacts, also tells the story of Riley's love of nature, his keen ability to observe relationships in nature, and his devotion to recording his observations through drawing ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
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