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The Bibliography on Wood Science allows searching for literature about various aspects of wood, especially about anatomy and physiology. The database contains data on publications from 1947 onwards. The results output shows author, title, source, year, and, where available, DOI (linked to publishers). [Editorial staff vifabio]
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Bei der etwa 200 Jahre alten Hohenheimer Holzbibliothek handelt es sich um eine der größten Xylotheken Deutschlands. Eine Xylothek ist eine Zusammenstellung von ganz besonderen Beschreibungen verschiedenster Holzarten in Form von kunstvoll gefertigten Präparaten, die für jede Art in einem besonderen "Holzbuch" zusammengefasst werden. Holzbibliotheken waren Ende des 18. und Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts weit verbreitet, ihre Reste finden sich heute verstreut über ganz Europa. [Information of the supplier]
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The InsideWood project integrates wood anatomical information from the literature and original observations into an internet-accessible database useful for research and teaching. The InsideWood database contains brief descriptions of woody dicots (hardwoods) from more than 200 plant families, and is searchable by an interactive, multiple-entry key. The InsideWood collection has 5,686 descriptions and 28,576 images. [Information of the supplier]
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The purpose of this publication is to clarify further the tree decay concept that expands the classical concept to include the orderly response of the tree to wounding and infection-compartmentalization-and the orderly infection of wounds by many microorganisms-successions. The heartrot concept must be abandoned because it deals only with decay-causing fungi and it states that these fungi grow unrestricted through heartwood after infection of fresh wounds. The heartrot concept emphasizes descriptions ... [Information of the supplier]
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