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Synecology and population biology of animals
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With about 12,500 known species, ants are a pivotal group of eusocial insects. Their estimated 10,000 trillions of individuals equal us in biomass (Hölldobler and Wilson, 1990), and they are hugely important ecologically and as our food competitors. Their diversity and niche specialization also make ants bio-indicators for land use and conservation. This symposium focuses on interactions between ants, plants, fungi and other insects, central themes in ecology and evolution. The understanding of interactions ... [Information of the supplier]
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Established in 1986, the International Society for Behavioral Ecology (ISBE) is a Learned Society run by members of the behavioural ecology research community. It exists to promote the discipline of behavioural ecology, to provide researchers in behavioral ecology with a forum to present and publish their work, exchange views, and get to know each other. The core objectives are achieved through the publication of the society journal Behavioral Ecology and the organization of an international conference ... [Information of the supplier]
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