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Genetics, evolution, young of animals
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FunTree provides a range of data resources to detect the evolution of enzyme function within distant structurally related clusters within domain super families as determined by CATH. To access the resource enter a specific CATH superfamily code or search for a structure / sequence / function (either via a EC code or KEGG ligand / reaction ID, PDB ID or UniProtKB ID). Or browse the resource via superfamily / function / structure / metabolites & reactions via the menu on the left pannel. Further information ... [Information of the supplier]
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This meeting aims to bring together different perspectives on the importance, mechanisms, function and evolution of consistent individual differences at different levels of biological organisation. Jointly organised by the University of Groningen Centre for Behaviour and Neurosciences and Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Studies, under the auspices of the Royal Dutch Zoological Society. Confirmed plenary speakers include: Stephen Suomi (National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, ... [Information of the supplier]
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Raising wood frogs, from eggs to froglets, is a practical and rewarding classroom project. Eggs are readily available in the spring and with proper care, froglets are ready for release back into the wild by mid-June. With a minimum of materials and time, students can experience one of nature's most spectacular transformations. [Information of the supplier]
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