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  1.  Life sciences, biology (53/751)
  2.  Physiology and related subjects (6/220)
  3.  Biochemistry (56/498)
    1.  Biochemistry in animals (9)
    2.  Biochemistry in plants and microorganisms (20)
    3.  General topics of biochemistry (29)
    4.  Metabolism (21)
    5.  Miscellaneous chemicals (12)
    6.  Proteins (82)
    7.  Enzymes (10)
    8.  Biochemical genetics (66/300)
  4.  Specific physiological systems in animals, regional histology and physiology in animals (3/85)
    1.  Circulatory system (5)
    2.  Digestive system (1)
    3.  Endocrine and excretory systems (5)
    4.  Integument (1)
    5.  Reproductive system of animals (3)
    6.  Musculoskeletal system (4)
    7.  Nervous and sensory system (63)
  5.  Specific parts of and physiological systems in plants (2/23)
  6.  Genetics and evolution (9/136)
  7.  Ecology (107/380)
  8.  Natural history of organisms and related subjects (11/276)
    1.  Adaptation (2)
    2.  Miscellaneous nontaxonomic kinds of organisms (8/45)
    3.  Organisms characteristic of specific kinds of environments (1/52)
    4.  General topics in natural history of organisms (0/168)
  9.  Natural history of specific kinds of organisms (0/2478)
    1.  Microorganisms, fungi and algae (40/279)
      1.  Specific topics in natural history of microorganisms, fungi, algae (31)
      2.  Viruses and subviral organisms (15)
      3.  Prokaryotes (Bacteria) (31)
      4.  Protozoa (18)
      5.  Fungi, Eumycophyta (True fungi) (86)
      6.  Mushrooms (14)
      7.  Lichens (24)
      8.  Algae (41)
    2.  Plants (Botany) (72/321)
    3.  Specific topics in natural history of plants (2/409)
    4.  Plants noted for specific vegetative characteristics and flowers (3/60)
      1.  Herbaceous and woody plants, plants noted for their flowers (3/57)
        1.  Plants noted for their flowers (16)
        2.  Trees (37)
        3.  Shrubs (7)
        4.  Vines (2)
    5.  Animals (Zoology) (40/306)
      1.  Philosophy and theory in zoology (10/25)
      2.  Miscellany (3/38)
      3.  Dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances in zoology (4)
      4.  Organizations and management (129)
      5.  Education, research, related topics (4/75)
      6.  Historical, geographic, persons treatment (2/11)
    6.  Specific topics in natural history of animals (4/226)
    7.  Specific taxonomic groups of plants (0/171)
    8.  Specific taxonomic groups of animals (0/1104)
      1.  Invertebrates (15/58)
      2.  Miscellaneous marine and seashore invertebrates (2/17)
      3.  Mollusks and molluscoids (15/30)
      4.  Arthropods (13/534)
        1.  Crustacea (28)
        2.  Chelicerata, Arachnida (38)
        3.  Myriapoda (4)
        4.  Insecta (Insects) (120/458)
          1.  General topics in natural history of insects (14)
          2.  Apterygota, Orthoptera and related orders (27)
          3.  Exopterygota (Hemimetabola) (33)
          4.  Mecoptera, Trichoptera, Neuroptera, Megaloptera, Raphidiodea (11)
          5.  Homoptera, Heteroptera, Anoplura, Mallophaga, Thysanoptera (35)
          6.  Coleoptera (Beetles) (52)
          7.  Diptera (Flies) and Siphonaptera (54)
          8.  Lepidoptera (69)
          9.  Hymenoptera (50)
      5.  Chordates (17/474)
        1.  Cold-blooded vertebrates, Pisces (fishes) (13/95)
        2.  Birds (86/172)
          1.  General topics in natural history of birds (44)
          2.  Water birds (0/22)
          3.  Land birds (0/21)
        3.  Mammals (33/193)
  10.  Economics of land and energy (5/410)
  11.  Other subjects (0/487)
    1.  Bibliography (105)
    2.  Political sciences (Politics and government) (7)
    3.  Law (5)
    4.  Natural history (38)
    5.  Physics (2)
    6.  Chemistry and allied sciences (13)
    7.  Earth Sciences (26)
    8.  Paleontology, Paleozoology (28/43)
    9.  Technology (10)
    10.  Medicine and health (114)
    11.  Agriculture and related technologies (35/134)
    12.  Biotechnology (31)
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Animals (Zoology)
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Die 108. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Zoologischen Gesellschaft e. V. (DZG) findet vom 9. bis 12. September 2015 in Graz an der Universität Graz statt. Zeitgleich ist es das 125-jährige Jubiläum der DZG.
Conferences and Congresses (archive)Resource type
2017-09-12 — 2017-09-15, Bielefeld
With their broad coverage of zoological disciplines and an excellent mix of senior scientists and younger researchers, DZG meetings are vivid, intellectually rewarding yet also very familiar events fostering cross-disciplinary interactions. In 2017 we are offering an exciting scientific programme that includes 11 Keynotes, 14 invited talks and a special Conference Symposium that will address the cross-disciplinary approach pursued in Bielefeld. [Information of the supplier]
Conferences and Congresses (archive)Resource type
Oral presentations and posters can be submitted for all topics: Global Cooperation on Implementing the 3Rs; Ethical and Legal issues; Implementing EU Dir 63/2010; New Technologies: 3D Models & Multi-Organ-Chips; Stem Cells & Reproductive Toxicity (including mEST & hEST); Refinement & Welfare: Culture of Care, Best Practice Approaches, Avoidance of Severe Suffering; Replacement: New Approaches; Predictive Toxicology: QSAR & Read Across; Specific Endpoints of Toxicity I &II: oral & repeated-dose ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
Conferences and Congresses (archive)Resource type
2014-12-12 — 2014-12-13, Liège
Zoology 2014, the 21st Benelux Congress of Zoology co-organized by the Royal Belgian and Dutch Zoological Societies, will take place in Liège (Belgium) on 12 & 13 December 2014 at the Institute of Zoology (University of Liège). Four general topics will be illustrated by four keynote speakers: open access in science publishing, ecological interactions, animal evolution and conservation biology. Two special sessions will be devoted to widely used techniques: one about state-of-the-art genetic research ... [Information of the supplier]
Conferences and Congresses (archive)Resource type
The 22nd European Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing and the 19th Annual Congress of EUSAAT will be held October 10-13, 2019 at University of Linz, Austria. [Editorial staff vifabio]
Conferences and Congresses (archive)Resource type
2020-06-29 — 2020-07-02, Liverpool
ISAZ was formed in 1991 as a supportive organisation for the scientific and scholarly study of human-animal interactions. ISAZ is a non-profit, non-political organisation with a worldwide, multi-disciplinary membership of students, scholars and interested professionals. Topics will be incorporated throughout poster sessions, various talks and several plenary sessions. The plenary speakers will be made up of invited speakers and will be noted and recognised individual's representing their expertise ... [Information of the supplier]
Conferences and Congresses (current)Resource type
ALTBIB: Bibliography on Alternatives to the Use of Live Vertebrates in Biomedical Research and Testing - The intent of the bibliography is to assist in identifying methods and procedures helpful in supporting the development, testing, application, and validation of alternatives to the use of vertebrates in biomedical research and toxicology testing. This bibliography is produced from MEDLARS database searches, performed and analyzed by subject experts from the Toxicology and Environmental Health ... [Information of the supplier]
Literature databasesResource type
Animal Diversity Web (ADW) is an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology at the University of Michigan. Animal Diversity Web has: ¹ Thousands of species accounts about individual animal species. These may include text, pictures of living animals, photographs and movies of specimens, and/or recordings of sounds. Students write the text of these accounts and we cannot guarantee their accuracy. ¹ Descriptions of levels of organization above the ... [Information of the supplier]
Factual databasesResource type
Diese Site ist ein Angebot des Sedgwick County Zoos mit Informationen über Tiere der Gruppen Amphibien, Vögel, Säugetiere, Fische und Reptilien. Zu einzelnen Tierarten sind Fakten u.a. zur Lebensweise, zum Verbreitungsgebiet, zur Größe, Tragzeit zusammengestellt. [Editorial staff vifabio]
Botanical and Zoological Gardens; Other reference works; Discipline based websitesResource type
Project Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks. In this bookshelf website you will find books concerning wild animals, sorted by Library of Congress Classification QL Zoology (1-991). [Editorial staff vifabio]
Access on historical literatureResource type
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