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  1.  Life sciences, biology (42/706)
  2.  Physiology and related subjects (2/182)
    1.  Physiology of plants and microorganisms (6)
    2.  Anatomy and morphology (3/24)
    3.  Biophysics (13/14)
    4.  Tissue biology and regional physiology (2/6)
    5.  Cell biology (46/53)
    6.  Biological control and secretions (4)
    7.  Reproduction, development, growth (13/45)
    8.  Diseases, Pathology (43)
  3.  Biochemistry (41/459)
  4.  Specific physiological systems in animals, regional histology and physiology in animals (2/74)
  5.  Specific parts of and physiological systems in plants (2/21)
  6.  Genetics and evolution (8/123)
  7.  Ecology (72/321)
  8.  Natural history of organisms and related subjects (10/267)
  9.  Natural history of specific kinds of organisms (0/2324)
    1.  Microorganisms, fungi and algae (34/250)
    2.  Plants (Botany) (71/314)
    3.  Specific topics in natural history of plants (2/391)
    4.  Plants noted for specific vegetative characteristics and flowers (3/60)
    5.  Animals (Zoology) (34/296)
    6.  Specific topics in natural history of animals (3/194)
      1.  Genetics, evolution, young of animals (3/20)
      2.  Behavior (67)
      3.  Miscellaneous nontaxonomic kinds of animals (9/39)
      4.  Animals characteristic of specific environments, animal ecology (2/40)
        1.  Forest animals (1)
        2.  Grassland animals (2)
        3.  Animals of miscellaneous environments (4)
        4.  Aquatic animals (7)
        5.  Marine animals (14)
        6.  Synecology and population biology of animals (2/10)
      5.  Treatments of animals by specific continents, countries, localities (32)
    7.  Specific taxonomic groups of plants (0/168)
    8.  Specific taxonomic groups of animals (0/1039)
  10.  Economics of land and energy (4/390)
  11.  Other subjects (0/462)
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Physiology and related subjects
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2016-03-03 — 2016-03-05, Lübeck
The Meeting will be held at the Campus of the University of Lübeck. Compared with other universities, this is small, with just about 3,400 students. It started as Academy of Medicine in 1964 but now encompasses also medical engineering, psychology, natural sciences and computer sciences. The common element among these is life sciences, also mirrored by our motto, “Focus on Life” (“Im Focus das Leben”). The scientific program of the Meeting will include plenary lectures and symposia addressing the ... [Information of the supplier]
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It is our pleasure to host the International Congress of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry in 2015 in Kraków, Poland (ICCPB2015). Congress meetings have been successfully organized every 4 years since 1983. ICCPB2015 in Kraków will be already our 9th meeting. We hope it will attract open-minded biologists who are interested in building integrated views of organisms: 'From Molecules to Macrophysiology'. We hope that the atmosphere of the congress in Kraków will be especially stimulating. Kraków ... [Information of the supplier]
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