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Melanesia, New Guinea
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This private web site is devoted to the study of Australasian Stiletto-flies (Therevidae, Diptera). They belong to the lower Brachycera (Orthorrhapha). The Australasian fauna contains 306 therevid species. The web site supplies an interactive key to genera, general information about systematic, biology and ecology, a bibliography with some downloadable papers and a glossary for special terms. [Information of the supplier, modified]
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The dry forest is currently the most threatened of the Caledonian biomes. It is truly the heart of the Caledonian ecosystems, which are known world wide for their exceptional biodiversity. The terms “dry forest” or “sclerophyllous forest” are given to forest formations that develop in a dry climate (less than 1100mm of rain per year). In comparison, the rest of the island of Grande Terre receives about 2500mm of rain per year. The Caledonian dry forests are found on the west end of New Caledonia ... [Information of the supplier]
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The website “Endémia” is concerned with the endemic flora and fauna of New Caledonia. Its aim is provide information about the character and fragility of biodiversity in New Caledonia. [Information of the supplier, translated]
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Das Institut de recherche pour le développement wurde 1946 begründet und beherbergt 15 Forschungseinheiten, die sich mit folgenden Themen beschäftigen: Ökosysteme und natürliche Ressourcen von Land und Meer, Klimawandel und andere natürliche Risiken, gesundheitliche und soziale Fragen. Die Website bietet Zugang zu den verschiedenen Forschungsprojekten u.a. aus dem Bereich der Biodiversitäts-, Ozeans- und Umweltforschung. [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
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As part of the Papua Insects Foundation, the aim of this website is to provide organisations, scientist, students, museums and everyone interested, with actual information on the taxonomics and faunistics of the insect fauna of Papua. This includes checklists with the latest nomenclatorial views, pictures of the species, distribution maps (compiled from information as far as known from literature and collections) and a list with relevant literature. If available we will also give information and ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
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Welcome to PNGplants — information for students, researchers, development workers, community leaders, government and non-government agencies and others working on plant identification, conservation and diversity of plants in Papua New Guinea. [Information of the supplier]
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