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The Rainforest Alliance launched the Eco-Index(R) in 2001 to provide the conservation community with a quickly and easily accessible vehicle to share project data and reports, lessons learned, and best practices in a succinct and consistent format. To best serve our audience, the entire site is available in English and Spanish, and profiles of projects based in Brazil are in Portuguese. Go to the Project Search page to find project information that interests you. Each profile posted on the Eco-Index ... [Information of the supplier]
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The eFloras-page is a gateway to several electronically available floras. As of February 2011, these are: Annotated Checklist of the Flowering Plants of Nepal; Flora of Chile; Flora of China; Flora of Missouri; Flora of North America; Flora of Pakistan; Moss flora of China; Trees and shrubs of the Andes of Ecuador; Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Madagascar; and others. A search tool is available for searching plant names in all the floras simultaneously. [Editorial staff vifabio]
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2018-01-08 — 2018-01-12, Concepción
VI Elen will take place in the Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Oceanográficas at the University of Concepción. The extraordinary natural variety of Chile includes from the driest desert in the world, altiplano, to lakes, volcanoes, glaciers and southern channels that break over the ocean. [Information of the supplier]
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Auf diese persölichen Webseite Privatperson befinden sich zahlreiche Abgaben zu tropischen Regenwäldern. Diese umfassen u. a. Informationen (auch als Fotos, Videos, Audiodateien) zur ökologischen Bedeutung, zu den Ureinwohnern, zur Zerstörung, zum Schutz, zur Flora und Fauna. Verschiedene Projekte sowie Veranstaltungen werden vorgestellt. Im Bereich Spiele kann Wissen über den Regenwald getestet werden. Zur Diskussion steht ein Forum zur Verfügung. [Information of the supplier, modified]
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The Heliconius or passion-vine butterflies are tropical butterflies from the new world that show a huge diversity of wing patterns. They have undergone rapid speciation and divergence, and also show an amazing amount of convergence in wing pattern due to mimicry. Evolutionary biologists have studied these butterflies for over 150 years, and we now know a great deal about their ecology, systematics and evolution. This web site offers an introduction to their biology and current research projects studying ... [Information of the supplier]
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2015-01-11 — 2015-01-15, Navarino Island [Chile]
The next meeting of the International Association of Bryologists will be held in January 2015 in Southernmost Chile, in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve and more specifically on the Island of Navarino. Preliminary information can be obtained at: This site will of course be updated periodically so visit it regularly; some of the links (e.g., contact person) will be activate soon. The Cape Horn region has seen significant bryological activity in the last decade, and holds ... [Information of the supplier]
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2023-07-23 — 2023-07-29, Rio de Janeiro
The XX IBC Organizing Committee invites you to attend the 2023 XX IBC in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Botanical Society of Brazil - SBB is leading the XX IBC Organizing Committee. The SBB has a long tradition within the Brazilian scientific community and is collaborating with the Brazilian Mycological Society, the Brazilian Ecological Society and the Brazilian Society of Plant Physiology, as well as with the Latin American and the international botanical communities, in hosting the XX IBC. Brazilian ... [Information of the supplier]
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2017-07-23 — 2017-07-27, Cartagena
SCB's International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) is the most important international meeting for conservation professionals and students. ICCBs are a forum for addressing conservation challenges and for presenting new research and developments in conservation science and practice. Most importantly, ICCBs connect our global community of conservation professionals and are the major networking outlet for anyone interested in conservation. [Information of the supplier]
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2015-10-12 — 2015-10-14, Sucre
Der III. Bolivianische Kongress der Botanik (III Congreso Boliviano de Botánica) findet vom 12.-14. Oktober 2015 in Sucre, der Hauptstadt von Bolivien statt. Der Kongress widmet sich unter anderem folgenden Themenfeldern: Biodiversität, Artenschutz, Nachhaltige Entwicklung. [Editorial staff vifabio]
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InfoNatura provides conservation status, taxonomic, and distribution information for over 6,000 bird, mammal, and amphibian species in Latin America and the Caribbean. InfoNatura represents a "snapshot" of dynamic data that are continually being refined in NatureServe's central databases. We update InfoNatura one to two times each year to reflect new data from refined geographic surveys, the latest taxonomic treatments, and any new conservation status assessments. Future versions of InfoNatura will ... [Information of the supplier]
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