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2014-08-10 — 2014-08-15, Mexico City
Dear colleagues and friends, on behalf of the Mexican Society of Parasitology and the Latin American Federation of Parasitology, I welcome you to our great Mexico City and to the exciting XIII International Congress of Parasitology in 2014. As you browse our web page you can find assorted information relevant to the event, the city and our country. Worth is to mention that parasitology is one of the main research areas in the most prestigious research institutes and universities in several cities ... [Information of the supplier]
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2015-01-14 — 2015-01-17, Ciudad de Panamá
Welcome to the 4th meeting of the Network for Neotropical Biogeography. The Isthmus of Panama emerged from the sea millions of years ago, joining two continents and producing one of the largest vicariance events in Earth’s history: the Great American Biotic Interchange (GABI). At that time, marine populations were separated while terrestrial plants and animals underwent massive migrations between North and South America, dramatically changing the Earth. The rise of the isthmus also impacted atmospheric ... [Information of the supplier]
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2014-11-04 — 2014-11-07, La Paz
The 38th annual meeting of the Waterbird Society and the XIII Conference for the Study and Conservation of Mexican Birds Organized by CIPAMEX (La Sociedad para el Estudio y Conservación de las Aves en México) will be held jointly from 4-7 November 2014 in La Paz, BCS, Mexico. Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste (CIBNOR), as part of the 2014 Local Organizing Committee will host this joint meeting ( [Information of the supplier]
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"Biodiversity of Mexico - VN" is an initiative focused on understanding and conservation of nature. Recognizing general lack of knowledge of importance and beauty of life on the Earth, VN aspires to form part in united action to protect the world's biodiversity. Its pilot project is this Web site dedicated to Mexican fauna, flora and ecosystems. VN's project of the web-based Illustrated Database of Mexican Biodiversity is shielded by Mexican Conservation Organization - Conexion con la Vida Silvestre, ... [Information of the supplier]
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It is the mission of the Caribbean Conservation Corporation to ensure the survival of sea turtles within the Wider Caribbean basin and Atlantic through research, education, training, advocacy and the protection of the natural habitats upon which they depend. [Information of the supplier]
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2018-09-17 — 2018-09-23, Mexico City
As agreed during the Caryophyllales 2015 conference in Berlin the next Caryophyllales conference will take place in Mexico in September 2018 and will be organised by our colleagues from the Instituto de Biología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (IBUNAM). [Information of the supplier]
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2018-06-04 — 2018-06-06, San Diego
Our view of mitochondria is rapidly transforming. Recent advances in animal models, systems-based approaches, and imaging techniques have revealed that mitochondria have diverse functions beyond bioenergetics and biosynthesis. Their functions are linked to their surprisingly dynamic behavior, as mitochondria adapt and respond to a plethora of cellular and tissue-specific organismal needs. Given that mitochondrial dysfunction is associated with metabolic disorders, cancer, and neurodegeneration, there ... [Information of the supplier]
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Given that Mexico is one of the five megadiverse countries with the highest biological diversity – which means that it is blessed with a very high number of ecosystem types, animal and plant species, and great genetic variation – it is important that such richness is afforded special consideration by government, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions, and that the conservation and the sustainable use of the country’s biological diversity is promoted. For this reason, an International ... [Information of the supplier]
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2013-07-07 — 2013-07-11, San José
We are happy to inform you that the forthcoming Summer Meeting of The Crustacean Society (TCS), jointly hosted with the Latin American Association of Carcinology (ALCARCINUS), will be celebrated between Sunday 07 to Thursday 11 July 2013 in San José, Costa Rica, Central America. The event is open to any presentation on crustacean research, and we encourage colleagues to present results of their novel and innovating research. Currently, we have started to organize sessions on Sustainable Aquaculture, ... [Information of the supplier]
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The Rainforest Alliance launched the Eco-Index(R) in 2001 to provide the conservation community with a quickly and easily accessible vehicle to share project data and reports, lessons learned, and best practices in a succinct and consistent format. To best serve our audience, the entire site is available in English and Spanish, and profiles of projects based in Brazil are in Portuguese. Go to the Project Search page to find project information that interests you. Each profile posted on the Eco-Index ... [Information of the supplier]
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