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2013-08-04 — 2013-08-09, Sydney
Welcome to the 11th International Polychaete Conference being held in Sydney, Australia in 2013. The conference will be held at the Australian Museum, commencing on the afternoon of Sunday 4th August through to Friday 9th August 2013. The Organising committee is soliciting images from previous meetings which we will play during the opening Ice Breaker and Conference Dinner. [Information of the supplier]
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2016-04-11 — 2016-04-15, Melbourne
The Meeting will be hosted at Museum Victoria, organised by Rolf Schmidt and his fellow Australians. The topic of the pre-conference field trip (8 days) is "Cenozoic and Recent bryozoans" (Adelaide to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road); the post-conference field trip (7 days) is "Palaeozoic and Recent bryozoans" (All around Tasmania). [Information of the supplier, modified]
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2018-01-29 — 2018-02-01, North Wollongong
The Australia and New Zealand Zebrafish meeting runs annually and is a forum for zebrafish researchers across Australasia to present data, network, share technical expertise and to mingle with high profile invited international speakers. It is a casual, interactive meeting aiming to stimulate scientific discussion and presentation of unpublished cutting-edge science. [Information of the supplier]
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2014-08-03 — 2014-08-07, Brisbane
On behalf of the Australian Society for Biophysics (ASB) and the International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB) I would like to cordially invite you to attend the 18th IUPAB Congress in Brisbane, Australia in August 2014. This website contains information relevant to the Congress, plus links to the conference city and Australia generally. Biophysics in Australia and New Zealand is a particularly strong discipline, with world-leading research programs and outstanding facilities. [Information of the supplier]
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2018-10-27 — 2018-10-28, Hobart
BirdLife Tasmania is hosting the 2018 Australasian Shorebird Conference in Hobart over the weekend of 27–28 October. These conferences are held every two years and provide an opportunity for everyone interested in all aspects of shorebird research, conservation and management to exchange information, discuss relevant issues and develop strategies for improving the status of these remarkable birds. The theme of the 2018 Australasian Shorebird Conference will be, "Losing their habitats – conservation ... [Information of the supplier]
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Welcome to Behaviour2015, a joint meeting of the International Ethological Conference (IEC), Australasian Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASSAB), Australasian Evolution Society (AES), and Australasia, New Zealand and Africa Region of Applied Ethology that will be held from 9 to 14 August, 2015, in Cairns, Australia. We are very excited to host Behaviour2015 in our ‘backyard’ - between lush tropical rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef. Australia and the Asia/Pacific region have played ... [Information of the supplier]
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2015-10-11 — 2015-10-14, Melbourne
EMT has been recognised over the past two decades as an essential, highly regulated and often-employed mechanism in normal embryological development, used as a prelude to migration of epithelial-derived cells in morphogenesis. Suggestions that EMT may also play an important role in carcinoma metastasis have recently matured, with high-level reports documenting the progression-like consequences of EMT in various cancer systems. The production of fibroblastoid cells from epithelial precursors in fibrotic ... [Information of the supplier]
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Alcoa Frog Watch is dedicated to providing information on all aspects of Western Australian frogs. This includes descriptions of WA species, conservation issues, building frog-friendly gardens, the latest in frog news, frog call CDs, live displays, talks, the tadpole exchange programme, new research on Kimberley frogs and more... [Information of the supplier]
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This web page contains several information about ants, especially Australian ones. Beside general note on their biology, a catalogue of Australian species and a key to the genera are available. [Editorial staff vifabio]
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2014-11-24 — 2014-11-28, Palmerston North
We look forward to welcoming you to the 2014 ASBS meeting at the Massey University campus in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Our theme for the meeting will be ‘Next-generation Systematics’ which includes approaching systematics from different perspectives, the use of new technologies, and even training the next generation of practicing systematists. We look forward to diverse presentations of projects from Australasia and around the world. [Information of the supplier]
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