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Die Dänische Botanische Vereinigung (Dansk Botanisk Forening) bietet in ihrer Webpräsenz Informationen über ihre Ziele, Veranstaltungen und Publikationen. Zu den Aktivitäten der Vereinigung gehört unter anderem Atlas Flora Danica (AFD), ein Kartierungsprojekt zur Flora von Dänemark, das seit 1992 läuft. Aus der von der Vereinigung herausgegebenen Zeitschrift URT können einzelne Artikel heruntergeladen werden (in der Regel in dänischer Sprache). [Editorial staff vifabio]
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2018-06-12 — 2018-06-15, Jyväskyla
The theme of ECCB 2018 is planetary wellbeing - a concept that captures the wellbeing of people as well as the integrity and sustainability of Earth's ecosystems. ECCB 2018 provides a forum to discuss and develop solutions for some of the greatest challenges faced by humanity by bringing together natural and social scientists, practitioners, industry members and government decision-makers. ECCB 2018 focuses on conservation and sustainable management of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems including ... [Information of the supplier]
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2018-06-17 — 2018-06-21, Helsinki
We are pleased to welcome you to the third conference on the Ecology of Soil Microorganisms to be held in Helsinki, Finland in June 2018. The previous two meetings organised in Prague in 2011 and 2015 attracted almost 500 participants from all over the world. The ESM conference is an interdisciplinary platform addressing questions related to individual microbes (bacteria, fungi, archaea, protozoa and viruses), microbial communities and their ecological networks. Modern genomic, transcriptomic and ... [Information of the supplier]
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The North-West European Section of the IUSSI and The Centre of Excellence in Biological Interactions at the University of Helsinki are delighted to invite you to join us at the Union’s 6th European meeting to be held 8-11.8 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. The conference will be held at the Helsinki University main campus in the city center. The main buildings are from the Czar period with typical Russian architecture from the late 19th century, whereas the conference site Porthania next door, represents ... [Information of the supplier]
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Flora Nordica is a research project with the aim to produce a scientifically based flora of the vascular plants in northern Europe. This flora should be a synthesis of previous research, indicating problems which should be considered in future research; it will comprise 15 volumes (3 published so far) and is written in English. Flora Nordica treats all vascular plants (native or alien) wild-growing in Norden (map), i.e. Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway (incl. Svalbard and Jan ... [Information of the supplier]
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"In HELDA – University of Helsinki Digital Archive, there has recently been established a special collection named Fauna & Flora for digitized biodiversity material. This will enable future harvesting of metadata to BHL-Europe" (Oker-Blom et al. 2009 in BHL-Europe Newsletter #2, November 2009). [Miscellaneous as indicated]
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This web page contains comprehensive data on the distribution and status of certain Finnish insects. Beside Hemiptera, the group deals with the insect orders Orthoptera, Dermaptera, Neuroptera s.l. & Mecoptera, Psocoptera and Thysanoptera. Table for each taxa exist, which display status and number of recorded species. Distrubtion maps for each species can be download (PDF). [Information of the supplier, modified]
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It is a pleasure to invite you to participate in The International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR) which will be held on 25-29 June 2018 in Turku, Finland. The International Conference on Arabidopsis Research is a yearly conference rotating between North America, Australasia and Europe. The ICAR2016 was held in South Korea and is followed by ICAR2017 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The conference is centered on all aspects of modern plant biology using thale cress (Arabidopsis thaliana) as ... [Information of the supplier]
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The Congress will take place at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Bergen, Norway on Monday - Friday 5th-9th August 2019 ISAE2019 is organized by Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). Contact person: Bjarne Olai Braastad [Information of the supplier]
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The atlas of distribution of vascular plants in Finland is a periodically updated electronic publication based on the national floristic database. The atlas shows the distribution in Finland of all native plants and established aliens, as well as the ranges of the most common casual aliens as 10-km grid square dot maps, as color scaled maps indicating the regional frequency estimates, or as combination of dot and frequency estimate maps. The frequency estimates are interpolated from the results of ... [Information of the supplier]
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