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With an area almost exactly that of the continental United States, China has nearly twice as many plant species, about 30,000 or one-eighth of the world's total. This number includes about 8,000 species of medicinal and economically important plants and about 7,500 species of trees and shrubs. The Flora ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
This site documents primary data about plants and fungi from the Hengduan Mountains and adjacent areas of south-central China, including the Gaoligong Mountains and Tibetan Himalaya. The mountains of south-central China, a dramatic and species-rich series of longitudinal ranges extending southeast of the ... [Information of the supplier]
The electronic facsimile edition of the "Flora of Taiwan" (print edition originally published 1993-2003, editor-in-chief Tseng-Chieng Huang) now comprises 5 out of 6 volumes. It is freely accessible for browsing and full-text searching. [Editorial staff vifabio]
Hong Kong has a rich flora and is covered in many places with quite a lush vegetation. The rich flora in Hong Kong reveals to us the fascinating plant diversity and adaptations, documents the available plant resources, and provides an aesthetic living environment. The lush vegetation improves the air and ... [Information of the supplier]
The Chinese Virtual Herbarium (CVH) is an on-line portal allowing access to herbarium specimen information and other botanical knowledge. CVH is a collaboration among more than 20 major herbaria in China (see list of participating herbaria at the end of this leaflets) with the aim of creating comprehensi... [Information of the supplier]
Chinese Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL-China), the pre-research project funded by the Biodiversity Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is aiming to, through collaboration with BHL (Biodiversity Heritage Library) and in conjunction with other institutes (colleges) on biological research, jointly ... [Information of the supplier]
The Lepiopteriology`s society of Hong Kong was founded in april 1999, formerly the Hong Kong Lepidoptera Group. They main aims are the preservation and examination of the Lepidoptera (butterflies), to provide information for institutions and individuals, to publish journals and other publications and to ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
The Site includes most verified information for every sphingid species and subspecies recorded from the Eastern Palaearctic and concentrates on the taxonomy, biology, ecology and biogeography of each taxon. For many species there is collated information from Chinese literature sources that are difficult ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
This Lifedesk serves the purpose of introducing salamanders that are endemic to or have their distributions in People's Republic of China. The content will be useful for professional researchers as well as amateurish hobbyists, because we just love salamanders! The Chinese have recognized salamanders for ... [Information of the supplier]
2017-07-23 — 2017-07-29, Shenzhen
The Chinese botanical community invites you to Shenzhen, China in July 2017 to participate in the XIX International Botanical Congress. The community grows enormously in the past decades in number of members, capability of creativeness, and importance in international biological sciences. Developing ... [Information of the supplier]
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