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The gallery is meant to eventually exhibit a photograph of every known species of Androsace. I have applied the George Smith and Duncan Lowe taxonomy system, set out in their “The Genus Androsace” publication. Several conclusions reached by Alarich Kress in 1997 and 1999, as a result of his detailed ... [Information of the supplier]
Cicindela ist eine private Webseite, die sich hauptsächlich mit den Sandlaufkäfern der Paläarktis beschäftigt. Neben detaillierten Artenlisten, Verbreitungskarten und einigen Fotos bietet die Seite auch Bestimmungshilfen und PDF-Dateien von aktuellen Publikationen. [Redaktion vifabio]
The Cryptobranchid Interest Group is dedicated to the funding and support of research and conservation for hellbenders and giant salamanders. With the help of private donations from people all over the world, we have helped field researchers in their pursuit to better understand the natural history of ... [Information of the supplier]
The information system "Historia Gagearum" has been designed for discussing and data collecting about systematic and morphology of tribe Gageeae Rouy (Liliaceae). Different authors include in the tribe from one to three genera. On this moment, the tribe includes genus Gagea Salisb. and genus Lloydia ... [Information of the supplier]
Allium is a genus of about 700 botanical species distributed all over the extra-tropical part of the northern hemisphere. Several more or less contradictory classifications were applied to this genus in the literature, and different views on species relations and validity of names may cause problems. At ... [Information of the supplier]
Limicola, Zeitschrift für Feldornithologie, is a periodical for all topics of field ornithology and bird observation in the palaeartic, especially in Europe and German-speaking countries. Determination of birds, their distribution, behavior, ecology, breeding biology and migration are main topics. Some ... [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
This privat website presents all Pieridae (Lepidoptera) of the Northern hemisphere (Holarctis). The approximately 300 species are arranged by systematic aspects. To each species photos and information about distribution, characteristics, first scientific report and subspecies are provided. [Editorial staff vifabio]
It is a platform where members can upload articles sharing experiences of captive husbandry via documents of members own material, observations in nature and/or any relevant information concerned with rat snake species, including links to external sources, breeding, brumation, feeding, distribution ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
Diese Site beschäftigt sich mit Vögeln der ganzen Welt. Es gibt Fotos, Videos und Gesang von vielen Vogelarten. Die lateinischen Namen der einzelnen Arten sind in diverse Sprachen, unter anderem auch ins englische und deutsche übersetzt. [Redaktion vifabio] ist eine private, gut strukturierte Webseite, die sich auf eine einzige Schmetterlingsart (Nymphalis antiopa) fokussiert. Der Autor hat umfassende Informationen über den auffälligen Tagfalter aus dem Internet und der Literatur zusammengetragen und klar verständlich aufbereitet. Beschreibu... [Information des Anbieters, verändert]
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