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For more than ten years I have been working on a book on bryophyte ecology and was joined by Heinjo During, who has been very helpful in critiquing multiple versions of the chapters. But as the book progressed, the field of bryophyte ecology progressed faster. No chapter ever seemed to stay finished, ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
Der vorliegende Text enthält die Bearbeitung aller Kleinarten der Gattungen Alchemilla, Rubus, Sorbus (Rosaceae), Taraxacum (Asteraceae) und des Ranunculus auricomus agg. (Ranunculaceae) aus ROTHMALER – Exkursionsflora von Deutschland, Band 4 (Kritischer Band), 10. Auflage, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, ... [Information des Anbieters, verändert]
"Flora brasiliensis" was published between 1840 and 1906 by the editors Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius, August Wilhelm Eichler, and Ignatz Urban, with the participation of 65 specialists from various countries. It contains taxonomic treatments of 22.767 species, mostly Brazilian angiosperms, held in ... [Information of the supplier]
The Flora of New Zealand series is an important resource - providing an authoritative synthesis of the state of knowledge of our unique New Zealand flora. Each volume provides information on the taxonomy, nomenclature and descriptive data for the taxa covered. Many also include information on the ... [Information of the supplier]
Alien invasive plants such as Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) are having a severe impact on biodiversity in Europe. No successful solutions stopping invasion has been found so far. A project was commenced in January 2002. It was carried out under EU 5th FW, "Energy, Environment and Sustainable ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
The book "So grün war mein Tal ...", originally published in 1990 (in the German language), aimed to provide an overview of the natural history of the Lahn Valley between the towns of Giessen and Wetzlar. Today, the book is out of print, so Kurt Bangert reproduced the contributions for the present web site. [Editorial staff vifabio]
"Seeds of Woody Plants in the United States", USDA Agric. Handbk. 450, was published in 1974. Seed data were presented for about 800 species, varieties, and sub-species in 188 genera, considerable more than the 420 species and 140 genera in the 1948 edition. The 1974 Handbook proved to be very popular ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
Die Virtual Palm Encyclopedia behandelt in Form eines E-Books mit 16 Kapiteln botanische, ethnobotanische und gärtnerische Aspekte der Palmen (Palmae, Arecaceae). Unter anderem sind Beschreibungen und Abbildungen zahlreicher Palmenarten verfügbar. Das Werk ist bei der herausgebenen Gesellschaft PACSOF ... [Redaktion vifabio]
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