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Five international partners together with the journal Systematic and Applied Microbiology (SAM) started “The All-Species Living Tree" Project (LTP) to provide a valuable resource particularly for microbial taxonomists. The aim of the project is to reconstruct separate and curated 16S and 23S rRNA ... [Information of the supplier]
2014-11-07 — 2014-11-09, Görlitz
Die 10. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft zur Erforschung der Flora Deutschlands findet vom 7. bis 9. November 2014 am Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz statt. Auf der Tagung sind sowohl Mitglieder der Gesellschaft als auch interessierte Gäste willkommen. Die Teilnahme ist kostenfrei, Übernachtung ... [Information des Anbieters]
The project „100 fields for biodiversity“ aims at establishing a nationwide conservation field network for wild arable plant species. Through this project, which is financially supported by the Deutsche Bundestiftung Umwelt (DBU,, there is a realistic chance of countering the ongoing loss of ... [Information of the supplier]
An international research consortium has been formed to create the most detailed and medically useful picture to date of human genetic variation. The 1000 Genomes Project will involve sequencing the genomes of at least a thousand people from around the world. The project will receive major support from ... [Information of the supplier]
2016-09-14 — 2016-09-17, Kiel
Die 109. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Zoologischen Gesellschaft (DZG) wird vom 14. - 17. 9. 2016 an der Universität zu Kiel stattfinden; die wissenschaftliche Leitung liegt bei Thomas Bosch. [Redaktion vifabio]
2015-08-24 — 2015-08-28, Badajoz
We are excited to invite the EOU delegates to Badajoz, site of the University of Extremadura (UEx). Badajoz is the biggest city in Extremadura. It is situated close to the Portuguese border, on the left bank of the river Guadiana. Badajoz is well positioned with good bus and car links to Madrid, Seville ... [Information of the supplier]
2013-05-24 — 2013-05-31, Zamość
European Dry Grassland Meetings (EDGM) constitute the cycle of the European Dry Grassland Group conferences devoted to dry grassland of Europe. They have been organized since 2004. The 10th EDGM in 2013 will be held in Poland – the country laying in the area where two different types of climate meet – ... [Information of the supplier]
2013-05-10 — 2013-05-12, Berlin
This meeting is being held in conjunction with the biennial Berliner Kakteentage and Exhibition, staged by the Berliner Kakteenfreunde e.V., that opens on 9 May, and the annual meeting of EPIG (Interessengemeinschaft Epiphytische Kakteen). The IOS sessions (except the Sunday morning discussion session) ... [Information of the supplier]
2015-03-18 — 2015-03-21, Göttingen
The Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society is with around 1.800 attendees one of the largest neuroscience events in Europe. The venue offers a large area for commercial exhibition, mixed with posters and coffee points. It has become a tradition for many companies and publishing houses to ... [Information of the supplier]
2017-09-12 — 2017-09-15, Bielefeld
With their broad coverage of zoological disciplines and an excellent mix of senior scientists and younger researchers, DZG meetings are vivid, intellectually rewarding yet also very familiar events fostering cross-disciplinary interactions. In 2017 we are offering an exciting scientific programme that ... [Information of the supplier]
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