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The diversity of birds opens a window into the living world. The All Birds Barcoding Initiative (ABBI), launched in September 2005, aims to collect standardized genetic data in the form of DNA barcodes from the approximately 10,000 known species of world birds. Despite several hundred years of careful ... [Information of the supplier]
These websites contain tables of the new terminology for the avian brain and information relevant to nomenclature of the avian brain. Its current purpose is to serve as a communication means by which scientists can become more knowledgeable about the avian brain, exchange ideas, and formulate proposals ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
Bird Cinema was founded in May 2007. This is a video website for bird enthusiasts to watch and share original bird videos worldwide through the web. We look forward to seeing your videos on our site. BirdCinema is a clean online environment dedicated to the sharing of birding videos, pictures, and ... [Information of the supplier]
Birds are usually recognised only as complete entities. On this page we would like to tell you something about feathers. It deals with a selection of bird species for whom the aesthetics of individual feathers should become apparent. This page does not claim to be comprehensive, nor a replacement for ... [Information of the supplier, translated]
The mission of the National Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity. [BioFinder]
At these pages you can watch the upbringing of young storks in the town of Vetschau (Germany), situated in a region called "Spree forest", this year again, as it was already possible last year. Take a look at the picture archiv with time lapse snapshots from every storck-day in the Lausitz. [Information of the supplier]
Vögel in der Nähe beobachten, an einer bundesweiten Aktion teilnehmen, dabei tolle Preise gewinnen und die Kenntnisse über unsere Vogelwelt steigern – all das vereint die Aktion „Stunde der Gartenvögel“. Dabei sind Vogelfreunde quer durch die Republik aufgerufen, eine Stunde lang alle Vögel zu notieren ... [Information des Anbieters]
Vom 4. bis 6. Januar sind erneut alle Naturfreunde aufgerufen, eine Stunde lang die Vögel am Futterhäuschen, im Garten, auf dem Balkon oder im Park zu zählen und zu melden. Bei der „Stunde der Wintervögel“ stehen die Vögel im Blickpunkt, die auch bei Kälte bei uns ausharren. Im Mittelpunkt der „Stunde ... [Information des Anbieters]
Founded in 1883, the American Ornithologists' Union is one of the oldest organizations in the world devoted to the scientific study of birds. Over its history, AOU and its members have created the scientific foundation for ornithology and bird conservation that we enjoy today. The AOU is the largest and ... [Information of the supplier] liefert Links zu Aufnahmen verschiedener Vogelstimmen aus einer Liste von 10.000 Vögeln. Außerdem bietet diese Website ein Forum mit der Möglichkeit Fragen zu stellen. [Information des Anbieters, verändert]
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