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Virtually unique in the animal kingdom, with a saga steeped in science and popular imagination, the fabulous Coelacanth ("see-la-kanth"), that 400 million year old "living fossil" fish, paddles on. Pre-dating the dinosaurs by millions of years and once thought to have gone extinct with them, 65 million ... [Information of the supplier]
Zu den häufigsten Plattfischarten in der Nordsee gehören Kliesche, Flunder, Scholle, Seezunge und der schmackhafte Steinbutt. Hier lernen Sie die wichtigsten Merkmale kennen, die Ihnen helfen, diese Fischarten voneinander zu unterscheiden. Außerdem, Fisch ist ein gesundes und bekömmliches Lebensmittel, ... [Information des Anbieters, verändert]
The Australian Society For Fish Biology was founded in 1971 to promote fish studies and provide a forum for the exchange of information between fish biologists. The Society has over 600 members in 2003, drawn from across Australia and overseas, representing the government, research, educational and private sectors. [Information of the supplier]
You can use the general search at the top of every page to find a particular fish by its scientific, common or family name or use the fish finders on the Find a fish page to locate your species of interest. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Die Gesellschaft zur Rettung des Störs Acipenser sturio L. e.V. wurde am 01.07.1994 im Senckenberginstitut in Frankfurt am Main gegründet. Sie ist ein Zusammenschluss von Wissenschaftlern, Institutionen/Verbänden und Vertretern der interessierten Öffentlichkeit. Ihr Ziel ist der Wiederaufbau und die ... [Information des Anbieters]
The goal of this project is the re-introduction of allis shad in the River Rhine System. This large member of the herring family migrated in huge numbers hundreds of kilometers upstream and was once an important species for the commercial inland fishery. Allis shad grow up to 70 cm in total length and ... [Information of the supplier]
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