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2013-09-16 — 2013-09-20, Thonon-les-Bains
Welcome to the 7th Central European Diatom Meeting (CE-Diatom) and the 32nd meeting of the French Speaking Diatom Association (ADLaF). The ADLaF meeting will take place from the 16 to 18 September 2013 in French, followed by CE-Diatom meeting from the 18 to 20 September 2013 in English. Both meetings ... [Information of the supplier]
In France, the European Hamster (Cricetus cricetus) only lives in Alsace and its population is dropping sharply. In 1972, there were 329 Alsatian towns where this animal lived; in 2014, this species is only present with certitude in 17 towns, mainly located in the South-Western area of Strasbourg. A ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
The aim of this web presence is to enable access to habitat information for plant species in the Alsace area. Two alternatives are offered: either, after the selection of a species, a map of its distribution is shown, or lists are presented; the lists show either all the species known to be present in ... [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
The Great Region, located between Rhine, Mosel, Sarre and Meuse, has a total area of 65.401 km2. Biogeographically, it is spread over the oceanic and continental zones. The administrative complexity of the Great Region, four countries and five regional entities, offer a challenging opportunity for ... [Information of the supplier]
The aim of "Bryophytes de France" (Bryophytes of France) is to provide a plattform for experts and enthusiasts in bryology, who up to now form a rather dispersed community in France, with limited opportunities for scientific communication and sharing of bryological information. [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
Das Conservatoire Botanique National in Bailleul (Frankreich) ging 1991 aus dem Centre Régional de Phytosociologie (CRP) hervor. Die Aufgaben des CBNBL umfassen die Bewahrung des botanischen Naturerbes, die Förderung der Kenntnis von Flora und Lebensräumen, den Schutz bedrohter Pflanzen, die Beratung von ... [Information des Anbieters, übersetzt und verändert]
Das Projekt e-ReColNat baut ausgehend von der 350 jährigen naturhistorischen Sammlungstradition und getragen von wichtigen nationalen Institutionen eine digitale Plattform für Umwelt und Gesellschaft in Frankreich auf. [Redaktion vifabio]
2014-04-09 — 2014-04-11, Lyon
Die zehnte französischsprachige Tagung der Ökologie von Pflanzengemeinschaften ECOVEG 10 findet vom 9. – 11. April 2014 in Lyon, Frankreich, statt. Sie wird von der Forschungsgruppe „Ecologie Végétale et Zones Humides“ der UMR (Unités Mixtes de Recherche) 5023 LEHNA (Laboratoire d’Ecologie des Hydrosystè... [Information des Anbieters, übersetzt]
"Faune de France" is a series of reference publications for naturalists, edited by the Fédération Française des Sociétés de Sciences Naturelles. Since 1921, 90 faunistic volumes have been published, covering groups as diverse as vertebrates, mollusks, and arthropods. [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
Lovers of nature, history or culture, or those who are simply curious... you will find many new things worth discovering on this site, things to amuse you, and without doubt things that will show you the importance of promoting development duly respecting the natural and cultural wealth and diversity ... [Information of the supplier]
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