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10.05.2013 — 12.05.2013, Berlin
This meeting is being held in conjunction with the biennial Berliner Kakteentage and Exhibition, staged by the Berliner Kakteenfreunde e.V., that opens on 9 May, and the annual meeting of EPIG (Interessengemeinschaft Epiphytische Kakteen). The IOS sessions (except the Sunday morning discussion session) ... [Information of the supplier]
04.08.2013 — 10.08.2013, Orlando
Phycologists and others interested in the algae from throughout the world are invited to participate in the 10th International Phycological Congress (IPC 10) in Orlando, Florida, 4 (Sunday) - 10 (Saturday) August 2013. This Congress continues in a tradition that began in 1982 at the first IPC in St. ... [Information of the supplier]
11.02.2015 — 14.02.2015, Hamburg
The 10th topical meeting of the Ethological Society will be held in Hamburg, the second largest German city and the trendy, cultural centre of the North. The Organizing committee hopes to welcome colleagues from various universities and working groups, who share an interest in behavioural ecology in ... [Information of the supplier]
14.09.2016 — 16.09.2016, Vienna
The organizers of the 10th Tri-National Arabidopsis Meeting would like to invite you to Vienna, the City of Music and one of the most innovative cities in the World. Jointly organized this year by the BOKU, GMI, and MFPL, the 10th TNAM will take place, as did the 1st one in 2004, at the BOKU. [Information of the supplier]
18.03.2015 — 21.03.2015, Göttingen
Das Programmkomitee der Göttinger Tagung hat nun das wissenschaftliche Programm der Tagung 2015 erstellt. Die Hauptredner haben zugesagt und die Symposien wurden aus den eingegangenen Vorschlägen ausgewählt. Die Website für die Registrierung und Einreichung von Abstracts wird ab August 2014 zur Verfügung ... [Information des Anbieters]
12.09.2017 — 15.09.2017, Bielefeld
With their broad coverage of zoological disciplines and an excellent mix of senior scientists and younger researchers, DZG meetings are vivid, intellectually rewarding yet also very familiar events fostering cross-disciplinary interactions. In 2017 we are offering an exciting scientific programme that ... [Information of the supplier]
10.09.2018 — 14.09.2018, Greifswald
Die 111. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Zoologischen Gesellschaft wird im Jahr 2018 vom 10.-14. September an der Universität Greifswald stattfinden. Die Tagung wird durch Prof. Dr. Jan-Peter Hildebrand und KollegInnen organisiert werden. [Information des Anbieters, verändert]
10.09.2019 — 13.09.2019, Jena
Die DZG Tagung 2019 findet vom 10.- 13. September 2019 in Jena statt und wird von Prof. Dr. Martin Fischer und KollegInnen organisiert werden. [Information des Anbieters]
18.08.2017 — 22.08.2017, Turku
EOU conferences are held in different places in Europe every two years. They attract several hundred ornithologists from all over Europe and abroad. The 11th EOU biennial conference will take place in Turku, Finland from August 18-22 2017. Please see below a first invitation to Turku. Further details ... [Information of the supplier]
22.03.2017 — 24.03.2017, Prague
We are pleased to announce that the 11th Central European Diatom Meeting (11th CEDM) will be held on 22-24 March, 2017 in beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. The venue will be atthe Academy of Sciences, in the very downtowm of Prague. [Information of the supplier]
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