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The digital library of the Royal Botanic Garden (CSIC) was set up because of two factors: an extraordinary wealth of documents and active research. The Royal Botanic Garden, on account of its rich and lengthy history, has a magnificent collection of antequarian botanical books. Apart from the intrinsic ... [Information of the supplier]
"Early Classics in Biogeography, Distribution, and Diversity Studies: To 1950" is a bibliography and full-text archive designed as a service to advanced students and researchers engaged in work in biogeography, biodiversity, history of science, and related studies. All items in the bibliography are ... [Information of the supplier]
Within Tela Botanica, the network for French-speaking botanists, the web site “Ouvrages numérisés” offers digitised botanical titles for download. It is provided under the warning that there are two categories of digitised works: public domain (the last author died at least 70 years ago, as per section ... [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
This section of the Asociación Española de Fitosociología (AEFA) web site offers a virtual collection of reprints and offprints on phytosociology and plant geography. Digitised works from numerous authors (most of whom live in Spain) can be downloaded as PDF files; it contains partly older and partly ... [Editorial staff vifabio]
mdC is a documentary heritage portal of the Canary Islands that grants access to an important collection of printed and manuscript texts, images, audio recordings and films, always showing complete documents and granting free access free of charge in facsimile format. Since 2003, mdC efficiently ... [Information of the supplier]
This blog discusses topics of botany (the vascular flora and vegetation), vegetation mapping, plant conservation and botanical and landscape photography. The section "Digital Library Jolube" is dedicated to downloading of botany books in PDF format. [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
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