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Die SVSN ist eine Gesellschaft, die sich mit der Förderung und der Verbreitung der Naturwissenschaften und der exakten Wissenschaften befasst. Außerdem beschäftigt sich die Gesellschaft mit dem interdisziplinären Dialog zwischen den Wissenschaftlern und der Öffentlichkeit im Kanton und lädt sowohl die ... [Information des Anbieters, übersetzt]
The European Molecular Biology Laboratory is a non-profit organisation and a basic research institute funded by public research monies from 18 member states. Research at EMBL is conducted by approximately 80 independent groups covering the spectrum of molecular biology. The cornerstones of EMBL's mission ... [Information of the supplier]
The Web pages listed on this site are taken from the third edition of Using the Biological Literature: A Practical Guide, by Diane Schmidt, Elisabeth B. Davis, and Pamela F. Jacobs (Marcel Dekker, 2002). This annotated guide to the literature of the biological sciences covers over 3,000 major books, ... [Information of the supplier]
Polar and Marine research are central themes of Global system and Environmental Science. The Alfred Wegener Institute conducts research in the Arctic, the Antarctic and at temperate latitudes. It coordinates Polar research in Germany and provides both the necessary equipment and the essential logistic ... [Information of the supplier]
Our goal is to systematically investigate the mechanisms of cancer development and to identify cancer risk factors. The results of this basic research are expected to be developed into new approaches in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. The German Cancer Research Center is a foundation ... [Information of the supplier]
The functions and services of the DPZ concentrate on biological and biomedical research with primates, comprising topics which may result in conclusions concerning human physiology and behavior. The DPZ is also dedicated to the preservation of nonhuman primates by improving methods for the management and ... [Information of the supplier]
As Europe’s leading research center focused on environmental health, the Helmholtz Zentrum München is investigating the complex interactions between genetic disposition and environmental factors in the development and progression of chronic diseases. By elucidating the interaction mechanisms between ... [Information of the supplier]
Bioinformatics is devoted to advancing the scientific understanding of living systems through computation. The Bioinformatics and Biological Computing Unit promotes and supports the adoption, use, and development of bioinformatics tools for advancing biological research. The BBCU server is dedicated to ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
Der satzungsgemäße Auftrag des ZALF besteht in der wissenschaftlichen Erforschung von Ökosystemen in Agrarlandschaften und der Entwicklung ökologisch und ökonomisch vertretbarer Landnutzungssysteme. [Information des Anbieters]
Tropical coastal ecosystems, like mangroves, coral reefs or seagrass meadows, belong to the most productive ecosystems of our earth. The Center for Tropical Marine Ecology aims at developi ng the scientific basis for their sustainable use. Research and teaching address issues related to these ecosystems, ... [Information of the supplier]
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