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The American Fern Society is over 100 years old. With over 900 members worldwide, it is one of the largest international fern clubs in the world. It was established in 1893 with the objective of fostering interest in ferns and fern allies. To this end it encourages correspondence and the exchange of ... [Information of the supplier]
During the first thirty years of Atlas Florae Europaeae (AFE), the basic technology for the collection of distribution data and publication of distribution maps has remained practically unchanged. Manual map production as such is rather tedious. Furthermore, distribution data available only on printed ... [Information of the supplier]
Hier haben Sie die Möglichkeit, nach in den gemäßigten Klimazonen beheimateten Farnen zu suchen und sich jeweils deren Eigenschaften anzuschauen. [Information des Anbieters]
Selection of morphological traits from pull down-menus allows the identification of Great Britain's about 60 fern species. Most of the species occur in Central Europe as well. [Editorial staff vifabio]
This website is dedicated to the pteridophyte flora (ferns, horsetails and clubmosses) of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. In the last decades, ferns and allied plants - especially subspecies and hybrids - were often neglected by botanists in Luxembourg, so that reliable data about distribution and status ... [Information of the supplier]
This LUCID3 interactive key can be used to identify all currently recognized ferns and lycophytes in the Southern Rocky Mountain Region (SRMR), an area with high plant diversity rich in endemic species. This key follows the nomenclature of Flora North America (FNA) using an adapted checklist of ferns and ... [Information of the supplier]
This site contains keys for identification of ferns in Equatorial Guinea. [Editorial staff vifabio]
This chart of fern families is designed by David Rydeheard, and is available for on-line viewing or as a poster. The chart includes familiar fern names as well as scientific names. It uses the latest molecular (genetic) phylogenies; the fine-structure of relationships between families is depicted. [Information of the supplier, translated]
Ferns are a conspicuous element of the vegetation of most tropical regions. They occur in a wide variety of habitats from freshwater ponds and swamp areas to terrestrial plants in forest at all altitudes to lithophytic on rocks or epiphytic on tree trunks or branches. They are frequently overlooked in ... [Information of the supplier]
I've established this site on ferns and fern allies in order to communicate information from research that I've done, and hope that others find it useful. I welcome any feedback from other people interested. [Information of the supplier]
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