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The Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR), a not-for-profit organization established to advance research, conservation, and education concerning amphibians and reptiles, was founded in 1958. It is the largest international herpetological society, and is recognized worldwide for having ... [Information of the supplier]
"Schriftenschau für den Feldherpetologen" is a bibliography for the biology, ecology, and faunistics of the free-living amphibians and reptiles (from 1990) in German speaking countries. The literature database is the internet transcription of the "Schriftenschau für den Feldherpetologen" of the Natural ... [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
The Center for North American Herpetology serves as a data bank for information about North American amphibians, turtles, reptiles, and crocodilians, and promotes the study and conservation of them by financial support of selected publications, photography, and any other appropriate medium, as well as ... [Information of the supplier]
Amphibien und Reptilien gehören zu den bedrohtesten Tierarten in der Schweiz. 90 % aller in der Schweiz vorkommenden Arten stehen auf der Roten Liste und sind mehr oder weniger stark gefährdet. Die Koordinationsstelle für Amphibien- und Reptilienschutz in der Schweiz (karch) hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, ... [Information des Anbieters]
"Reptiles & Amphibians of the UK" provides a forum for news and discussions about the British herpetofauna. After a severe corruption of the underlying database and collapse of the original website, and after some restoration work, as a result you will now see a new menu option "Archived Forums". This ... [Editorial staff vifabio]
Toads and frogs often conjure up thoughts of wet places--misty swamps and enchanted nights when mysterious calls rise from the water's edge. Although wetlands are crucial to their life cycle, these amphibians don't live exclusively in water. They often emerge from their aquatic homes to become land ... [Information of the supplier]
Die vom College of Natural Sciences der University of Texas und vom Texas Memorial Museum geförderte Webseite stellt eine Online-Ressource zu in Texas lebenden Amphibien und Reptilien dar. Zur Verfügung stehen detaillierte Beschreibungen und Bilder der verschiedenen Tierarten. [Redaktion vifabio]
The aim of this work is to provide a large iconographic sample of European Amphibians and Reptiles. [Information of the supplier]
Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians, and those who study them are referred to as herpetologists. The Australian Society of Herpetologists Incorporated is a professional body for practising herpetologists. Use this website to find out about ASH, who is involved and what events are coming ... [Information of the supplier]
Ziele des Arbeitskreises sind es Verbreitung und Arealdynamik, Bestand und Bestandsentwicklung sowie Gefährdung der Amphibien und Reptilien des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen zu ermitteln und diese Kenntnisse für den Naturschutz und Wissenschaft aufzubereiten. Zu den Aufgaben gehören daher die Erfassung und ... [Information des Anbieters]
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