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John Illingworth von der Faculty of Biological Science an der Universität Leeds, Großbritannien, stellt auf dieser Seite Lerneinheiten für Studenten zu verschiedenen Themen aus dem Bereich Biochemie/Stoffwechsel und zu Methoden zur Verfügung. [Redaktion vifabio]
A network of concurring genes and proteins extends through the scientific literature touching on phenotypes, pathologies and gene function. iHOP provides this network as a natural way of accessing millions of PubMed abstracts. By using genes and proteins as hyperlinks between sentences and abstracts, the ... [Information of the supplier]
This presentation is designed to be used as an adjunct to traditional lectures not as a replacement. I suspect that it will be most useful as a review of the material. The material is covered at a level suitable for a first course in biochemistry and the undergraduate level. [Information of the supplier]
The ChemBioNet was initiated by biologists and chemists from academia who realized the need for interdisciplinary open access platforms to support research projects for systematic usage of small molecules to explore biological systems. This initiative wants to provide chemists with bioprofiles for their ... [Information of the supplier]
Dieses Portal soll einen groben Überblick über die Inhalte und Nutzung von wichtigen online-Datenbanken mit biochemischen Inhalten verschaffen. Am wichtigsten sind hier wohl die Datenbanken mit Informationen über Proteine und Gene, es werden jedoch auch Datenbanken für organische Verbindungen oder ... [Information des Anbieters, verändert]
Cell Circuits is an open-access database of molecular network models that: (a) Bridges the gap between databases of individual pair-wise molecular interactions and databases of validated pathways. (b) Contains functional network hypothesis produced by algorithms that screen molecular interaction networks ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
The purpose of the BioSamples database is to provide unified storage and access to information about biological samples. These samples may have investigation information stored in other databases (e.g. sequencing, structure, expression). Physical samples may also be available for further study from ... [Information of the supplier]
18. EBIMed
EBIMed is a web application that combines Information Retrieval and Extraction from Medline. EBIMed finds Medline abstracts in the same way PubMed does. Then it goes a step beyond and analyses them to offer a complete overview on associations between UniProt protein/gene names, GO annotations, Drugs and ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
The Executive Committee of FEBS has awarded the FEBS Congress for 2013 to the Russian Biochemical Society. It will be located in St. Petersburg, July 6th – 11th 2013 under the Congress Presidency of Professor Vladimir Skulachev with Professor Sir Richard Roberts as Chairman of the International Advisory ... [Information of the supplier]
Today, vast amounts of protein-small molecule binding sites can be found in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). Exhaustive comparison of them is computationally demanding, but useful in the prediction of protein functions and drug discovery. We proposed a tremendously fast algorithm called "SketchSort" that ... [Information of the supplier]
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