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"The Marine Life Information Network - MarLIN" is an initiative of the Marine Biological Association of the UK (MBA). MarLIN pioneered the use of the Web for the dissemination of quality assured information on marine biodiversity of the North East Atlantic. MarLIN aims to: "provide information and ... [Information of the supplier]
CAML will investigate the distribution and abundance of Antarctica's vast marine biodiversity to develop a benchmark for the benefit of humankind. [Information of the supplier]
MarBEF, a network of excellence funded by the European Union and consisting of 94 European marine institutes, is a platform to integrate and disseminate knowledge and expertise on marine biodiversity, with links to researchers, industry, stakeholders and the general public. On the network description ... [Information of the supplier]
Diese von einer Privatperson erstellte Seite befasst sich mit der Flora und Fauna süd-ost-asiatischer Korallenriffe. In erster Linie werden Fotos zu Verfügung gestellt. Darüberhinaus finden sich Angaben zu Biologie des Meeres sowie verschiedener mariner Organismen. [Redaktion vifabio]
Coral reefs are the most diverse marine habitats. This web page provides a broad introduction to them. Both geological and biological aspects are described in details. [Editorial staff vifabio]
Primarily due to its unique location overlapping the boundary between temperate and subtropical climatic zones, east central Florida's Indian River Lagoon (IRL) is one of the most biologically diverse estuarine systems in the continental United States. The lagoon’s habitats support more than 3,500 ... [Information of the supplier]
The purpose of this website is to assist researchers in the identification of larvae of benthic invertebrates at hydrothermal vents. Our work is based on plankton sampling at the East Pacific Rise 9-10°N vent field from 1991-present. In this first version of the guide, we have included frequency data ... [Information of the supplier]
The Ocean is our planet's most influential but least understood ecosystem --a complex web of interacting species upon which all life depends for food, climate; even the air we breathe. To protect this vital natural resource from the threats of global warming, habitat destruction, over-fishing and ... [Information of the supplier]
The marine environment of TEP is both very dynamic and geographically variable. In fact, due to the regular impacts of El Niño or ENSO events, the TEP must have one of the most dynamic coastal environments of any tropical region in the world as the TEP is more strongly affected by that phenomenon than ... [Information of the supplier]
The 50th Marine Biology Symposium is taking place on Helgoland, a site with important phyto-, zooplankton and other time series. The overarching theme of this EMBS will therefore revolve around long-term changes in the coastal and marine environment. However the programme will take a holistic approach ... [Information of the supplier]
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