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Ziel der Deutschen Wildtier Stiftung ist es, einheimische Wildtiere in ihren natürlichen Lebensräumen zu fördern und erlebbar zu machen. Ihre Aufgaben sind nachhaltiger Schutz einheimischer Wildtiere und Erhalt ihrer Lebensräume, inmitten einer dicht besiedelten und vom Menschen genutzten Kulturlandschaf... [Information des Anbieters]
The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is the leading international conservation organization focused solely on Africa. We believe that protecting Africa’s wildlife and wild landscapes is the key to the future prosperity of Africa and its people – and for over forty-five years we have made it our work to ... [Information of the supplier]
Das OTTER-ZENTRUM Hankensbüttel: das Naturerlebnis-Zentrum am Südrand der Lüneburger Heide. Hier im Landkreis Gifhorn wurde am Ufer des idyllischen Isenhagener Sees diese in Europa einzigartige Naturschutzeinrichtung im Mai 1988 eröffnet. Seither besuchen uns alljährlich über 100.000 Gäste und viele zum ... [Information des Anbieters, verändert]
The Verein Jordsand zum Schutze der Seevögel und der Natur e.V. is one of the oldest environmental associations in Germany. On 18.02.1907 the association was founded to protect the Island Jordsand, which was located in the Wadden Sea between Rømø and Sylt. Nowadays, Jordsand takes care of 20 areas at the ... [Editorial staff vifabio]
The nature reserve Insel Langenwerder is located at the Northeast of Poel Island at Wismar Bay (Western Baltic Sea). Already in 1910 the local government prohibited trespassing during breeding season after advocacy by the Verein Jordsand. Therefore Langenwerder is the oldest birds-sanctuary in Mecklenbur... [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
The nature reserve Insel Walfisch belongs to the hanseatic city Wismar and is located in the inner Wismar Bay (Western Baltic Sea). Since 2007 the sanctuary is looked after by the Verein Langenwerder zum Schutz der Wat- und Wasservögel. Its aim is to conserve a breeding place for endangered seabirds. The ... [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
Rainforest Action Network (RAN) works to protect the Earth's rainforests and support the rights of their inhabitants through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action. RAN accomplishes its mission through dynamic, hard-hitting campaigns that work to bring corporate and governmental ... [Information of the supplier]
The Forest Ecosystems Research Center (Forschungszentrum Waldökosysteme or FZW) is part of the Forest Faculty of the University of Göttingen and carries out research into structural dynamics and element recycling processes in sylvan ecosystems as well as into the adaptability of forests in the face of ... [Information of the supplier]
“” is a website run by forestry experts for forestry experts. We provide guaranteed quality, up-to-date information on forests, man and forest management. “” provides condensed, edited information on a wide range of topics regarding both forests and forestry in plain ... [Information of the supplier]
Our forests and woods can contribute so much to our nation. We deliver practical programmes to make sure that, as communities and individuals, we can get the most from them. Our responsibilities span research, commercial timber production, sustainability programmes and policy, as well as learning and ... [Information of the supplier]
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