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The Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR), a not-for-profit organization established to advance research, conservation, and education concerning amphibians and reptiles, was founded in 1958. It is the largest international herpetological society, and is recognized worldwide for having ... [Information of the supplier]
This database is intended to provide information on the classification of all living reptiles by listing all species and their pertinent higher taxa. The database therefore covers all living snakes, lizards, amphisbaenians and crocodiles. It is supposed to be a source of taxonomic data, thus providing ... [Information of the supplier]
"Schriftenschau für den Feldherpetologen" is a bibliography for the biology, ecology, and faunistics of the free-living amphibians and reptiles (from 1990) in German speaking countries. The literature database is the internet transcription of the "Schriftenschau für den Feldherpetologen" of the Natural ... [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
The foundation of this site is a database of the location of every species of freshwater and land turtle that has been collected by a museum, private individual, or referenced in a publication. Our site is a continuation of the work done by John B. Iverson in his 1992 book A Revised Checklist with ... [Information of the supplier]
The Natural Research Center (NTRC) is a university-operated facility with elaborate research laboratories and a computer-controlled serpentarium for housing and breeding snakes. The mission of the NTRC is to provide global research, training and resources that will lead to the discovery of medically ... [Information of the supplier]
It is the mission of the Caribbean Conservation Corporation to ensure the survival of sea turtles within the Wider Caribbean basin and Atlantic through research, education, training, advocacy and the protection of the natural habitats upon which they depend. [Information of the supplier] is a crocodile site, which aims to provide everything you need to know about crocodiles, from the different species, their biology and conservation, how they talk, and even their captive care. Crocodilian Biology Database: specific information on biology and behaviour discussed in depth ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
The Center for North American Herpetology serves as a data bank for information about North American amphibians, turtles, reptiles, and crocodilians, and promotes the study and conservation of them by financial support of selected publications, photography, and any other appropriate medium, as well as ... [Information of the supplier]
Agamen, Bartagamen, Warane, Skinke, Eidechsen, Leguane, Geckos, Gürtelschweife, Nachtechsen - zu allen diesen Reptilien finden an Terrarien Interessierte auf der Webseite von Renate Kohlmeyer reichlich Informationen, Tipps zur artgerechten Haltung und Links zu anderen Haltern, Tiernahrungsanbietern und ... [Redaktion vifabio]
"Dahms Tierleben" ist der private Webauftritt der Familie Dahm, die sich u.a. mit der Züchtung und Terrarienhaltung von Reptilien und Insekten beschäftigt. Zu jeder Art, mit denen sie Erfahrungen gesammelt haben, sind Bilder, systematische und allgemeine Informationen sowie Hinweise zur Terrarien-Einrich... [Redaktion vifabio]
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